Come for the Food, Stay for the Experience

by The Cowl Editor on February 15, 2018


Vision Boards
Nicholas Crenshaw ’20/ The Cowl

by Taylor Godfrey ’19

Opinion Co-Editor

If there is one thing that will convince a Providence College student to come to an event on campus, it is free food. If that food is PVDonuts, it is basically guaranteed that they will be making an appearance. So when the College’s Inside Out Week events involved a “Set Your Intention” workshop including PVDonuts, students did not hesitate to mark their calendars.

This event required pre-registration, as one of the students running it explained, because they did not want students simply showing up for donuts and leaving. Students, of course, laughed at the thought of doing such a thing, yet felt guilty in the back of their minds because they had come to the workshop aiming to do just that. But when students took the time to slow down and really appreciate the rest of the activities, they found that the break from work and studying was exactly what they needed and that they should appreciate campus events for more than just the free food.

The all-important donuts were present at this event, but the main objective was for students to create vision boards to “set their intentions,” as the name of the workshop suggested. There was an array of pretty colored scrapbook paper, stickers, inspirational quotes, and glittery washi tape that students could use to decorate a little canvas and uplift them during a time when everyone is starting to really stress about classes and work.

We all have busy schedules and between classes, papers, reading, and extra-curriculars, it seemed silly to take time out to do arts and crafts. But those 20 minutes do not impact someone’s schedule very much, and students can then return to my work with more clarity and ability to focus. In the end, students have a much more productive break than they would have if they had just snagged a donut then and procrastinated later by scrolling through social media.

This does not just go for Inside Out Week events either. Between the colorful cards littering the tables in Ray to overstuffed bulletin boards and the Morning Mail emails we get every day, there are clearly a plethora of different activities happening around campus all the time. It is easy to simply dismiss them either because the sheer number is overwhelming or because our schedules are jam-packed as it is. But these four years are a chance to attend some great events for free.

There is no shame in attending campus events because of free food. Anyone who plans events on campus will tell you that having snacks available is a great way to boost attendance. But while you are there grabbing pizza or donuts, try to appreciate the event itself as well.

Not only did someone put in a lot of effort to put that hour or two together so you could go enjoy the culinary offerings, but you might find the experience is a lot more enjoyable and beneficial to you than you originally thought. And who knows, you might come out of it with not only a deepened love and appreciation for donuts, but a little inspiration to get you through your day as well.