by The Cowl Editor on February 15, 2018


snowy branch with pink flower
Photo courtesy of

by Erin Lucey ’20


Snowflakes fall from the generous sky,

Blanketing the grateful ground

with their grace and charm.

They cover each fear,

they hide every regret,

they mask every drop of pain,

and reveal only the sparkle of the frosted, silvery night.


Snowflakes fall from the resentful sky,

covering the sorrowful ground

with their culpable disgrace.

They slaughter each flower,

they massacre every butterfly,

they drown all the laughter,

and reveal only the hateful chill of their presence on the buried world.


But soon enough spring returns again.

along with each fear, each regret, and all the pain.

along with every flower, every butterfly, every echo of laughter.

And the snow slowly melts away, fading from the colorful earth

to remind us that:

Nothing beautiful can last forever;

and nothing terrible will stay for long.