Be Certain About Being Uncertain

by The Cowl Editor on March 1, 2018

Editor's Column

By Paige Calabrese ’18

Associate Editor-in-Chief

With second semester almost halfway over, most Providence College students are likely hitting the “panic” button when it comes to planning summer internships and jobs after graduation. My message to you is this: it is okay to be sure about not being sure.

I am one of those people who needs to have a concrete, organized plan for everything with several back-up plans just in case, so when life happens and all of my planning collapses in shambles, I tend to lose my mind.

Recently, given the abundance of unknown components in both my immediate and distant future that are also out of my control, I have been forced to accept that I cannot plan for everything.

I currently do not know which law school I will attend or where I want to live after I graduate, and I have approximately one month to make these decisions before I need to reserve a space at a law school for the fall.

While I have options at the moment, I am frightened about the admissions decisions I have not yet received, in addition to the sheer range of possibilities from which I can only choose one.

Although thinking ahead is terrifying enough with a plan, sometimes not having one is the best option.

Trusting your intuition and being spontaneous can create some of the best experiences and lessons with the potential of revealing parts of yourself that you previously did not know.

That being said, with summer around the corner, it is 100 percent acceptable to not have any idea if or where you will intern, where you will work, or where you will attend graduate school.

No one knows what exactly the future has in store, so take every opportunity made available to do things you want to do and push your boundaries. All without a set plan, of course.