Leave a Mark at PC

by The Cowl Editor on March 15, 2018

Editor's Column

by Marla Gagne ’18


As we end our first week back from spring break, we are ironically surrounded by over a foot of snow and still bundled in our winter coats.

It is hard to believe that, despite the cold weather and our first snow day, April is just around the corner and the semester is slowly wrapping up.

And with spring (hopefully) on its way, the realization has finally come—the semester is almost over and so is my Providence College career. As a senior, I can honestly say the old cliché “college goes by so fast” is accurate. And as I observe that I only have two more months left on campus, two months left working at the Writing Center, spending my Wednesday nights at The Cowl, and hanging out with my roommates all week, I feel an urgency to leave my last marks on campus.

For me, a large part of leaving my mark has been on The Cowl. This has included doing more journalism training, expanding the website, building a social media team, and continuing the strong bond and family connection that The Cowl has been based on for over 80 years.

Recently, we have seen students from all grades and majors taking action on campus. Students were vocal on Wednesday morning when they planned and executed a walk out against gun violence, having members of the Providence College community gather by the torch for 17 minutes to represent the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting. Next Wednesday, students are planning a march for the community against transphobia and homophobia on campus. And recently, we have seen men and women stand up for women’s rights throughout Hollywood, championing #MeToo.

As the remaining time of the semester quickly flies by, take the time to reflect on what you want to experience at PC and what you want to do before you leave. What will your lasting mark be?