by The Cowl Editor on March 15, 2018


#Pride not prejudice
Photo courtesy of weareinhouse.com

by Connor Zimmerman ’20


There is no such thing as ordinary.

This word and others are just labels

Used by people who lack true vocabulary.

These phrases just make people feel enabled

To disregard each other.

In reality, everybody is different from one another.


  1. There is no such thing as being normal, because all people were born abnormal.
  2. Everyone has their scars, defects, and marks, but these broken parts are what give life sparks.
  3. It is senseless to judge based on irregularities, since we have more differences than similarities.


There is no such thing as boring.

Only people who refuse to go exploring


And find out what everyone has inside.

Boring is a boldfaced lie used by people who want to hide.


There is much more than just the superficial

It all comes down to being better than prejudicial.


There is no such thing as being a nobody.

     The quiet loner or the one who seems to be organized

          Are just judgements that are hyperboles.

               Trying to get to know those around you will leave you surprised

                    Because everyone has something that is truly rare.

                         We are all more than just a body full of air.


The worst thing of all is when we believe in these phrases

When we laugh at ourselves or hang our heads in sadness,

We give power to these words that create only madness.

Everyone deserves to hear only praises,

But some people refuse to dig down

And find what makes them renowned.