Class of 2019 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on April 10, 2018

Congress Updates

Below are the letters of intent for the students running for elected positions on the Class of 2019.

2019 Class President

Caroline Cook

Hi I’m Caroline Cook, and I’m the current president of the class of 2019! Having been treasurer our freshman year, and president since sophomore year, I’ve been lucky enough to lead our class from the start. Between the countless dances and fundraisers, we’ve come along way. I promise that I’ll continue to work tirelessly to make sure that our last year is the best, from SRW to Commencement. We’ve got a lot of fun things to look forward to, and it would be my pleasure to continue leading our class! Thank you in advance for voting XO

2019 Class Vice President

Briana Alberti

I am running for Vice President of the Class of 2019. I am excited to be running in this campaign for the class elections of the 69th student congress. I joined congress at the end of my freshman year as a committee member on the public affairs committee. The 67th student congress was an amazing and humbling experience as I was able to really find an organization on campus that I was passionate about and could devote my time to. Student congress easily became my favorite part of my Providence College experience and that year on congress I made so many life-long friends, connections, and memories. I wanted to step into a higher leadership position on congress for the next year since I had such a great experience during my first year on the club; however, junior year I studied abroad so I was unable to run for an elected position and so I am currently a member of the student life committee on the 68th student congress. I really enjoy student life and am grateful that I was able to be a part of congress again this year. I even accomplished my personal goal of presenting a piece of legislation. Although I ended up tabling this piece with my co-presenter, I was still very proud of myself for the work and research I put into this piece. I am certainly ready to take on a bigger leadership position on congress and that is why I have decided to run for Vice President of my class. My various leadership positions on campus assure that I will be able to do this job justice. I look forward to running an honest and exciting campaign and if I win, I will certainly uphold the values of the Providence College Student Congress as I take on this new position.

Sara Jean-Francois

I would like to run for Vice president of the class of 2019 primarily because I am passionate about bringing about inclusivity and diversity to congress. I have been apart of congress for the past year, and in my time as an elected member I have learned a lot and met a lot of people. As Secretary, I was enthusiastic and ambitious to provide input and insight to the many different perspectives on our campus. Unfortunately, I found that class secretary was not a position that would suite my mission on congress. I believe as members of congress, it is and will always remain our duty to represent an inclusive student body, no matter the demographic break up on congress. As written in the constitution, the VP of respective classes sits on the committee for campus relations. I feel this would be the best place to implement positive change for inclusivity and diversity. I believe if we do not push ourselves to be educated on the issues that affect members of our community we will forever remain complacent in marginalizing other student voices, please let me help the 69th walk in a different direction.

Connor Nolan

Hello Juniors of Providence College, my name is Connor Nolan and I am running for Vice President of the class of 2019. Over the past year I have worked as a Representative for our class on the Publicity committee, and you may have seen my Congress minutes published in the cowl. I love the providence community and hope to continue working hard to represent our class to the best of my abilities if I am elected Vice President.


2019 Class Treasurer

Bella McCann

With this letter, I am very proud to announce my candidacy for the class of 2019 Treasurer. I have been a member of Student Congress since my freshman year. During my time on Congress, I have been a member of the Student Life committee and the Outreach committee. Student Congress has been one of my best experiences at PC, and the people on Congress have become my best friends. As a senior I want to be a positive, influential voice for Congress and our grade as a whole. I chose to run for class of 2019 Treasurer because I know I have the skills to knowledge to take on the position’s responsibilities as a Math and Finance double major. If I am elected I plan on being the best Treasurer I can be. Thank You and GO FRIARS!

Joe Kapur

Hey everyone, my name is Joseph Kapur and I am running for the position of Treasurer for the Class of 2019. I am excited about this opportunity to make a positive impact on the senior class and the entire Providence College community. I believe my past leadership, ability to connect with students through mentorship programs, and my finance and accounting background all make me a strong candidate for this position.

As class Treasurer, I will work diligently to improve the academic and social experiences of all members of the class 2019 through my involvement with commencement and senior week. I hope to effectively allocate funds to many different clubs on campus to ensure that every student is represented, and every club has sufficient funds to succeed.

I believe that by continuing my work in Student Congress, I will make a meaningful impact upon the Providence College community. I am eager to learn from my fellow students and grow as a leader through my participation in Congress. I am also excited to build new relationships with members of the PC student body and staff to work towards the betterment of Providence College.

I would appreciate this opportunity to demonstrate my passion for PC through participation in Student Congress as class Treasurer.

Thank you and Go Friars,

Joseph Kapur

2019 Class Secretary

Mike Fahy

Dear Christopher Campanelli and Student Congress,

I am writing to inform you of my interest in running for 2019 Class Secretary to represent the senior class on the 69th Student Congress. I am simply running to continue serving my peers and the Providence community.

I am quite experienced in and known for my role in Student Congress in the Providence College community. I have held the seat of class Secretary on the 66th. I won the Secretary seat back in re-election for the 67th. However, in the fall of 2016, it was best for my personal health and the continued success of the sophomore class for me to step away from that role for the year and into the following year. Currently, I am an Academic’s Committee member on the 68th.

The Student Congress has played a vital role in my college experience. It is through the Student Congress that I understand not only the needs of the students on our campus that we bear the responsibility to address but, the feeling of community that is a hallmark of Providence College. My goal on the Congress has always been, and always will be to enhance the community and the student experience here at PC. Whether those issues involve academics, student life, clubs or athletics, I vow to stand up for what is right for our community.

It would be an honor to continue to serve my peers in the class of 2019 on a glass ceiling shattering Congress. Please feel free to contact me at anytime by phone or email as listed above.


Michael S. Fahy

Maggie Burke

My name is Maggie Burke and I am running for the position of Secretary for the class of 2019. Having never been a part of Student Congress before, I am able to bring a fresh perspective to this organization along with the leadership experience to back it up that I’ve gained from the other clubs and groups I am a part of on campus, like BMSA, Orientation Staff, and Student Alumni Association. I am organized, responsible, and communicative. But what makes me truly stand out is how deeply I care about our school, especially the class of 2019, and I want to work hard to make our last year here as special as we all deserve. And being elected to this position, being able to represent the class I am grateful to be a part of, would certainly make it special for me.

2019 Class Representative

 Kevin Cranney

My name is Kevin Cranney, and I am running for 2019 Class Representative on the 69th Student Congress of Providence College. As Representative, I will stand for the interests of the Class of 2019 in order to ensure a memorable senior year. After serving two years on the Student Congress as an Outreach committee member and a Representative, I am confident in my ability to propose and enact legislation beneficial to the entire student body. I am willing to listen to all voices in our increasingly diverse Friar Family, and I look forward to a momentous year for the Student Congress. Along with Congress, I play trombone in the PC Pep Band and am in the History Club.

Quinn Blake

Hola, Ciao, Bonjour, Namaste, Guten Tag… what I’m trying to say is Hello, my name is Quinn Blake. I am currently a junior, Finance major here at Providence College and am running to be a Class Representative for our class, the Class of 2019. Coming from Marblehead, Massachusetts, I have grown up as a member of a tight-knit community which has carried over to PC and would love nothing more than to represent our grade. I will pride myself on listening to your concerns and acting as a voice for each and every member of our class to ultimately get your ideas heard because that’s what this is all about!

Thanks for your time,

Quinn Blake

Joe Markey

My name is Joe Markey and I’m running for the position of Class Representative. In this role I will be responsible for assisting in organizing the 2019 class events and fundraisers.

I was a general committee member on the 68th Student Congress and I hope to increase responsibility in order to make a lasting impact on our class. I have extensive leadership experience; I’m the president and founder of the club volleyball team and volunteer at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Everyone on this campus is unique and has a story. I’m simply hoping to be their voice in


Peter Shanley

With this letter, I am very proud to say that I am running for the position of 2019 Class Representative of the 69th Student Congress of Providence College. Having been on Student Congress since my freshmen year, I feel that I have grown in this organization into a place where now I feel comfortable running for a position. As I am sure many others feel, Providence College has given me a home away from home and a large part of that is due to the great community that is the student body of our college, specifically my class. To be able to serve this community as a voice for them on Congress during my senior year would be a true honor. Also, I would do my best to deliver the wants and needs of the student body to the administration of the college in such a way that our message is heard and acted upon. Thank you and Go Friars!