Class of 2020 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on April 10, 2018

Congress Updates

Below are the letters of intent for the students running for elected positions on the Class of 2020.

2020 Class President

Sean Richardson

Hello all!

I’m Sean Richardson and this is my third letter of intent. I plan on running for class president and hopefully being elected to serve my second term as president and my third term on the class executive board. My Freshman year I was class Vice President and my sophomore year, I was elected class President. I have voiced my concerns for the student body on several occasions and consider myself to be a fine leader. I have worked on an array of class events such as the Freshman Fling, Friar Ball, and soon our Done with Civ event. After two years, I believe I have a good grasp on the club and how to navigate the club along with people in order to achieve the best possible outcome. In my pass two years, I believe I’ve learned that people bring different skill sets. When using these different skill sets, people generally feel fulfilled in whatever they are doing and that is my ultimate goal, to make the team, as well as the class feel fulfilled in everything they are doing.

Thank you!

– Sean Richardson

2020 Class Vice President

Rich Custodio

Hello, my name is Rich Custodio. I’m a political science major and economics minor from Lake George, NY and I’m proud to be running for Class of 2020 Vice President. I have been an active member of Student Congress for the past year, serving as a class representative as well as sitting on the Academics Committee. Congress has allowed me to a greater voice on campus and has given me the opportunity to participate in a number of incredible projects, such as coordinating a book drive, working numerous dances, and planning a community kitchen. I hope to be able to continue the work that I’ve done over the past year and guide our class through an awesome junior year!

2020 Class Treasurer

Matt Calogero

To whom it may concern,

My name is Matt Calogero and I am writing to declare my intent to run for the position of Treasurer for the Class of 2020. Currently, I am pursuing degrees in both History and Economics with plans to enter the Business Studies program. Evidently, I am fascinated with how money works, is used and is sought after. This gives me the drive to be the one responsible for our class finances so that we may enjoy our final two years at Providence College to the fullest. I pride myself in being well-versed in regard to campus news and happenings which I believe will translate well to a role in Student Congress. The voices of my fellow classmates and community members are the voices I want to hear; the voices I need to hear. It is no secret that members of our community have expressed displeasure with our campus environment and I will strive to make this campus better for all. I would be honored to serve as the treasurer for the Class of 2020.

God Bless and Go Friars,

Matt Calogero

2020 Class Secretary

Connor “CZ” Zimmerman

Hello Class of 2020,

My name is Connor Zimmerman, or as some of you may know me-CZ, and I am running for the position of Class Secretary. I have been a part of Student Congress this past year as an Academics Committee member, where I have worked passionately to make our school a better place for all of you. For example, with my committee I helped to collect over 75 books and organized over 600 books at a book drive. I believe that I have what it takes to be the Secretary that this class deserves. My time in Student Congress has taught me that to be a good secretary requires open communication, organization, and adapting to constant problems. These traits and others are what I consider to be some of my many strengths. I am the only candidate in this position with prior Student Congress experience, and I have developed a great rapport with my fellow congress members. If I am elected as Class Secretary, I will strive to be the best Secretary, and an ally for everyone. I will use my voice and power to magnify your own voice. I will make sure that your ideas, fears, and dreams will be heard by not only by Student Congress, but by the entire college.

Goodness Adekoya

I would like to run for secretary of the class of 2020 because I want to be able to advocate for the students in my class by being a voice for each and every member of my class. Since I am involved in other clubs on campus such as Afro-Caribbean Association, Peer Mentoring program (PMP), Footprints Gospel Choir, and Residence Hall Council, I can bring these numerous different perspectives to Congress. In bringing about these perspectives I would like to work with my executive members as well as the 69th to foster a more inclusive environment on campus. This is very important to me because while many organizations under congress are promoting diversity, there are still some organizations that have not yet figured out how to make our Providence college environment an inclusive one. Creating an atmosphere in which all people feel valued and respected and have access to the same opportunities is very important to me and has marked my time here at PC thus far. Running for secretary would help me to gather information about the students who feel like their voices are not being heard in the class of 2020 and allow me to work to empower them. 

2020 Class Representative

Victoria Gagliardi

My name is Victoria Gagliardi and I am a sophomore. I hope to become a part of Student Congress here at Providence College by running for the position of class representative. I have held many leadership positions in high school and have continued to carry out these positons in college through my participation in the Fall Orientation program for the incoming freshmen classes. I have not had any prior experience on student congress before, but I will use my leadership, communication, and organization skills to perform to my best ability. I am passionate about the PC community and I am constantly wanting to help make changes on this campus in order to make sure every student has the best experience possible during their four years here. I am willing to put the needs and concerns of others before my own. With that, I would always be open to hearing the voices of those around me in order to learn how to make PC a better place. As your class representative, I will take on any challenge that comes my way and will make my role on Congress my main priority. I hope that I am able to fulfill this position as a leader for the Class of 2020 by being one of your class representatives.

Sarah Khoury

My name is Sarah Khoury and I am a sophomore currently running for class representative. I have always been more of an athlete in high school, so I have never got the opportunity to be on student congress. Now that athletics are out of the way I have been a part of the Providence College community through church ministry, research, and the radio station. Through this involvement I have been able to see truly how great our college community is. I have always wanted to be a part of something that will help me connect with my fellow classmates and help improve our community in best way possible. I feel like being a class representative would be a great opportunity to do that, meet new people, and work together in making Providence College a home for everyone. I want to make PC a growing and loving community and I want us all to grow together as a friar family. Go Friars!

Benedict Portugal

My name is Benedict Portugal and I am a member of the PC Class of 2020 majoring in Marketing and minoring in Finance. I would like to join Student Congress to be a voice for my class, provide a diverse perspective, and bridge the Providence College administration with the student body. I am an active member of the PC community; beyond schoolwork, I am involved in Ultimate Frisbee and Providence College’s Chapter for the American Marketing Association.

I am committed to promoting diversity and understanding between different groups of people. I will bring valuable diverse perspectives to the student congress, as being one of the only 23.3% minority students, and one of only 41 Asian-American students. I have applied to MLK training at URI in order to learn about strategies of nonviolence.

I believe I will be able to contribute to Student Congress given my prior experience in student government. I was a member of my high school’s student government for four years and ran for student body president, losing by only 20 votes. In addition, I participated in the summer Connecticut Boys State conference, where I learned the practical operation and structure of the government.

Katherine Martinez

My name is Katherine Martinez and I am running for the honor of being a representative for the Class of 2020. These past two years here at Providence College has enabled me to hear and listen to the stories from the entire student body as a student, a friend, and most importantly an advocate for all students. As a representative I hope build and strengthen a connection throughout the Providence College community. I therefore ask the class of 2020 for the opportunity to serve them by enabling each and everyone of their voices to be heard.

Paul Bushey

My name is Paul Bushey, and I am running for Student Congress Representative because I want to become more involved in the PC community. I love this school and have enjoyed going to the events sponsored by the various clubs on campus, but now I desire to be apart of helping with events and reaching out more to other students. I was urged to join congress by many of my friends who have been in it, or are currently in it, and they all enjoy the club very much. The best way for me to become involved in my community here at school is through Student Congress and I know this because I have witnessed how intertwined the club is throughout PC. If I win my election, I am fully prepared for the duties that come with being in Congress and will be excited to have a role in what goes on at our school.

Daniel Chamberlain

Hi my name is Dan Chamberlain and I am running for Class of 2020 Representative. I want to be elected into student congress because I want to better the Providence College community. I can offer an opinion and vote that benefits the students in our class based on what my fellow classmates tell me. So, if I do end up receiving enough votes to become a part of student congress that is what I offer. Thanks, Dan.