Class of 2021 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on April 10, 2018

Congress Updates

Below are the Student Congress Letters of Intent for the class of 2021.

2021 Class President

Chloe Jensen

My name is Chloe Jensen and I am a currently a freshman here at Providence College. I’m originally from Burlington, Vermont.  After spending the last year serving as Class Secretary, I am hopeful that I can move into more of a leadership role this year as Class of 2021 President. As Class President I hope to get greater involvement from the students we are elected to represent. It is crucial that we in Congress hear and take action in regards to the issues that the class we are representing find most important. I also hope to utilize my leadership and organizational skills to plan events that the class is interested in attended and excited about. By utilizing weekly Instagram polls, guest feedback forms, and encouraging club and committee connections, I hope to put the student back in student congress. Vote Chloe Jensen for Class President, 2021.

Korey Lord

My name is Korey Lord, and I am running for President – Class of 2021. I am majoring in Accounting and minoring in Political Science.

I believe that a candidate for a position of this caliber must be experienced, passionate, dedicated, personable, accessible, and visible. There is no other student in our class that fits this description better than me. I want what is best for students at PC, especially for the Class of 2021. If elected, it will be my primary goal to represent ALL students. I will make myself available weekly, so my peers can provide input and opinions, which can be shared at future meetings. Currently, I believe there is a lack of communication between the student body and congress regarding actions being taken and issues involving the campus community. As your class president, I will be sure to create some form of communication that will be distributed after each meeting to keep all students informed of the happenings at PC. Another important goal of mine will be to increase class funds to gain financial stability and plan various class events.

I look forward to working with students and administration to make the PC community stronger than ever.

Emili Castro

Originally born in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, I experienced my first expatriation in 2006 when my family and I moved to Tripoli, Libya. There, I began attending an American school, and learned English as my second language. In 2014, I moved to Madrid, Spain. I have had the privilege to travel the world from a young age, which in turn has molded me into what I like to refer to as a global citizen.

In high school, Model United Nations held a big portion of my interest and time. Having chaired three conferences, and participated as an exclusive intern for press in a conference in the Hague, Netherlands, I have the experience and passion that comes forth with understanding and tackling political issues and obstacles for a certain community.

The various moves I’ve experienced are a significant part of who I am as a student, and leader. I am accustomed to taking in and understanding cultures different than mine, and it is a joy for me to experience, endorse, and encourage diversity. I believe innovation, creativity, and personal experiences play an important role in the dynamics of a community, and I believe I could implement these as president of the class of 2021.

Abby Mansolillo

To whom it may concern,

My name is Abby Mansolillo, and I am running to be the 2021 Class President. Here at

Providence, I am President of McVinney Residence Hall, the Social Media Manager for HerCampus Providence and The Cowl, and am an Executive Board Member of PCTV’s News Department. Further, I am a part of the RCIA Program, and will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation at the end of the month. Outside of school, I have competed in beauty pageants, and have a history of leadership in my community. I have promoted the Miss High School America’s anti-bullying platform, B.R.A.V.E (Building Respect and Values for Everyone) during my year of service as Miss Rhode Island High School America 2015. I have found a family here at Providence, one that has taught me more than I could ever imagine about myself and the world around me. I fall more in love with Providence College in small ways every single day, and want others to feel the same way. I would be honored to represent our diverse and charismatic community as our class President during the 2018-2019 school year.

Sincerely yours,

Abby Mansolillo

Brett Canzano

Hi class of 2021! My name is Brett Canzano and I’m running for class president for our sophomore year. During the past year I’ve had the opportunity to serve our school on Student Congress as a part of the Outreach Committee. Being able to serve our school has been an honor, but after organizing and working on Outreach events, I realized that I want a larger role in our school, especially for our class of 2021. As students of Providence College we strive to be inclusive and make these four years the best of our life, so as your President I hope to be able to achieve those goals. Through our class events, fundraisers, and free social events, I hope to bring out the Friar in everybody!

2021 Class Vice President

Chris Iadeluca

Hey everyone! My name is Chris Iadeluca and I’m running for Vice President of the Sophomore class. I was a Class Representative last year and I’m would be honored to represent all of you in the 69th Student Congress. As a Representative, I served on the academics committee, where I worked with members of faculty to get new courses approved. I was also sure to speak at meetings to our various guest speakers and ask the question that we, the Class of 2021, had and got the answers we deserved. If elected to the position of Vice President, I will be sure to continue this as well as help to plan future events so that our class can be the best that it can be. In addition, I plan on working closely with members of other clubs on campus to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard so that we can do our job, which is to represent the students of Providence College.

If you feel like your voice is not being heard, I urge you to inform me so that I can bring the change that we, as a student body, deserve!

Tom Bernard

The almost immediate beginning of Student Congress elections and interviews in the fall provided me with the avenue to get involved on campus as a freshman. After much deliberation about exactly what direction I wanted to follow in terms of participating in Congress this past fall, I decided to interview to become a committee member. As a member of the Academics Committee, I learned much more about the dynamics of Student Congress and how each part of the club comes together to function as a whole. I now am running to be elected as the class of 2021 Vice President. This year has taught me a lot about myself as a young adult and student, and I am now prepared to take up a larger role and more responsibility in the club as Sophomore Vice President. I intend to work closely with my fellow class of 2021 Student Congress members to effectively plan events, keeping organized and up to date on all of my responsibilities as sophomore Vice President. I plan to do everything in my power to improve communication and cohesion between not only the members of the class of 2021, but between all members of Congress as a whole. Most of all, I intend to follow the tradition of encouraging students to speak their minds and have their viewpoints shared on all situations, promoting my peers to advocate for the things they are passionate about.

Chip Schroder

My first year at Providence College has been a wild ride, packed with unforgettable memories and new relationships. The most rewarding aspect of my freshman year, however, has been serving as Vice President of the Class of 2021. Through meetings, events, and observing my peers, I have acquired the skills necessary to help lead my class and am prepared to use my knowledge to make the 2018-2019 school year one of legendary proportions. Providence College has already given me so much, as have so many of my fellow Friars, and I feel blessed to call this place my second home – nay, at this point, PC feels like my first home. I wish to do whatever I can to assist in maintaining the greatness that is Friartown as well as contribute to the evolution of this amazing institution. That is why I, Chip Schroder, intend to run for the position of Vice President of the Class of 2021.

Mallory Pletzer

I am writing to advise you of my intention to run for Vice President of the Class of 2021. I have had a number of previous leadership experience ranging from being the Vice President of my High Schools SGA, class treasurer, and treasurer of the Interact Club. Not only this but I have been an active member of numerous clubs along with volunteer organizations like Relay for Life, the Animal Welfare League, etc. I have had a job since I was 13 and became the junior manager at my most recent workplace where I then made the schedule, hired, fired, and organized daily activity. I have become accustomed to having a large amount of responsibility on my shoulders and feel that is when I work most efficiently. On top of that I am also an active participant in athletics and devote much of my attention to assuring my academics are at their best. Having the opportunity to run for this position is an honor in itself and I do not take it lightly. I look forward to our future encounters. Thank you!

2021 Class Treasurer

Alison Cooke

I hope to be the treasurer for the class of 2021 because I am very dedicated to improving the finances of our class. I really enjoyed being the class treasurer during the 2017-2018 school year, and it gave me many experiences that I can use to help our grade next year. I look forward to working with the new class of 2021 officers next year, brainstorming many different fundraisers and events for our class!

2021 Class Secretary

Olivia Anderson

After reflecting on my first year in Congress, I have decided that I want more responsibility and leadership within the organization, which is why I am running for class secretary. As class secretary, I vow to do the best I possibly can in each and every task I complete. I would be one of the leaders of the class of 2021, meaning I would be responsible for making sure our class is accomplishing what we need to be, and doing so in an efficient time frame. Being class secretary also means keeping the class organized and being a key communicator, both vital tasks in order to have a successful year. I was in student government throughout high school, as a class representative my freshman and sophomore years, as class president my junior year, and I sat on the executive board my senior year. I have plenty of experience with student congress, both from high school and from my first year at Providence College, and I know that I am capable and able to be the class secretary for the class of 2021. A vote for me is a vote for someone who cares deeply and works hard in order to get things done!

Annie Barbera

I, Annie Barbera, am writing this letter to properly announce my intent to run for the Secretary position for the class of 2021 at Providence College.

Having been extremely involved in high school, I’ve learned a great deal about all that takes place behind the scenes of an inviting, engaging community.  As President of Autism Speaks, Student Panelist Representative and Student Mentor, I understand that greatness takes teamwork, diligence and dedication. If I were granted the opportunity as elected class secretary, I know I’d be completely dedicated to the betterment of Providence College as a passionate member of the Friar Family.

As a freshman, I have taken the past two semesters to become acquainted with all Providence offers.  Although PC has many exceptional qualities, I have ideas on how we can continue to excel. Although I do not foresee myself ripping my pants as Coach Cooley so swiftly performed on the court this past March, I’ll take his example of passion and diligence to congress in an effort to bring our family together. As a fresh voice, open to all viewpoints, I aspire to make everyone’s experience here a place where they can proudly call their second home.


Annie Barbera

Emily Landry

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Landry and I am running for secretary of the class of 2021. Last semester I was fortunate enough to be offered a position on Student Congress. I was appointed to the Clubs and Organizations committee. My experience with Student Congress has given me an opportunity to learn about the organization as well as its goals and mission. It has been a fantastic experience for me but I am now hoping to take the next step into a leadership role on Student Congress as secretary of the sophomore class. I have the skills that lend themselves to this position, I am organized, friendly, and pay attention to detail. I want to make myself available to the members of the sophomore class and to be a voice for them. If elected, I will do my best to represent both the needs of the sophomore class and Providence College Student Congress. Thank you for the opportunity.

2021 Class Representative

Caroline Brodeur

My name is Caroline Brodeur and I am running to be a Representative for the Class of 2021.  Serving on the Public Affairs Committee has given me experience in representing and connecting with the student body in a holistic way.  I have seen a diverse range of events and creative marketing pursuits bring students together, inspiring me to continue that momentum into my sophomore year.

In order for Student Congress to be efficient in any capacity, it must consistently remain in tune with the opinions of the student body.  My main focus would be on streamlining communication with all students so that everyone has the opportunity to access the dialogue and legislature being presented within Student Congress.  This allows for the entirety of Providence College to be informed with relevant campus issues, encouraging feedback and insights into areas of improvement. I look forward to the opportunity of representing a school I am proud to be apart of and further fostering our Friar family.

Junielly Vargas

My name is Junielly Vargas and I running for a position on the class of 2021 as an elected representative. I plan to bring passion, enthusiasm and honesty to the 69th Student Congress. I have learned a lot within my short time on the 68th and plan to adapt the lessons into better experiences in the upcoming year. I have experience with many different perspective within the community and hope to bring them together in a more coherent and accepting voice. With this and the desire to have a strong loving community I look forward to representing my 2021 class!

Caroline Rivera

Hey Class of 2021!

I am Caroline Rivera and I am interested in running for Class Representative. In High School I was very active in student activities which prompted me to join Student Congress in the first place. I am currently a Class Representative for the Class of 2021 and it truly has been a life changing experience. Providence College is a great institution, but complacency is the enemy of progress, we can do more. I am very committed to serving the PC community to the best of my ability and being active in my role as a student leader. As a re-elected Class Representative, I will be able to use my previous experience to grow as a leader and activist on campus to better represent the voice of the students. I am very animate about the voice of students at their educational institutions and want to ensure that they will continue to be heard.

Margaret Mahoney

I am running for 2021 Class Representative because I believe I am qualified for the position and would represent the interests of the class well. I have had the privilege of serving as a Class Representative for the 68th Student Congress and have gained valuable experience that I believe would help me serve the class of 2021 well next year. I have a strong sense of the role of Class Representative and would be eager to take on the responsibilities that the position entails. I have thoroughly enjoyed working to plan class events this year and representing the class on important issues at Providence College. I consider myself have several qualities that are important for a class representative, such as approachability, openness, and a strong work ethic. If elected, I would work to ensure the concerns and opinions of the class of 2021 are communicated to Congress and the College administration, as well as planning events that would bring the grade together.

Jeff McCormack

Hi, I am Jeff McCormack, and I am running for the position of Class Representative for the Class of 2021 in the 69th Student Congress. I am a finance major and plan on fulfilling a minor in accounting. I am from Long Beach, NY and have very much enjoyed my first year at Providence College. To further enhance my experience at PC, I am seeking to be involved in Congress to create a better experience for all students at PC. Although I do not yet have experience in Congress, I am qualified to be a representative of this class due to my character, ability to cooperate, prior leadership roles such as being captain of my hockey team in high school, and involvement in clubs and activities on campus this year. As class representative, my mission is to fulfill the title of this position: represent the CLASS. I intend to be thoughtful and attentive to the needs of every member of our class. I look forward to being able to work with other members of congress as well as all members of our class in order to make greater strides in building an even greater Friar Family.

Katie Iwanowicz

My name is Katie Iwanowicz and I am running to be a Class Representative for the Class of 2021. I am a Political Science and French double major, I sing in I Cantori and am currently a member of the Outreach Committee on Student Congress. This past year on Congress I had the opportunity to make meaningful connections with my peers and members of the administration alike to effectuate positive change. I am so grateful for all that I have learned as a committee member and I feel as though I am ready to serve in an elected position.

Initiatives that I feel passionate about pursuing are increasing environmentally sustainable practices at Providence College, fostering a collaborative, supportive, and inclusive community, and addressing sexual harassment and assault on campus. This semester I con-presented a Statement of Position on behalf of the 68th that supported PC in its efforts to be more environmentally sustainable and encouraged the school to do more to reduce its ecological footprint. I am proud of all that I have accomplished on Congress this year and I hope to continue to effectively serve our class and student body as one of your elected Class Representatives.

Dean Williams

Hi, my name is Dean Williams and I am running for Class of 2021 Representative. Currently I am a member of the economics club, and the Providence College Republicans, but I want to take on a larger role in the schools functioning. I hope to be able to help contribute to the Class of 2021 by helping plan socials, dances, and events that will bring together future best friends. I also want to work closely with administration through congress to help improve the day to day life of students on campus, such as fixing the dining hours, and improving the course selection process. By voting for me you vote for a hardworking, determined mind that will help represent the agenda of the students of the Class of 2021. Thank you, and I hope to be able to represent our class on the 69th student congress!