Our Song

by The Cowl Editor on April 12, 2018


Notes with music elements as a musical background design
Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

by Marelle Hipolito ’21


I was looking out the window

Humming to the radio

When suddenly it came on

My heart skipped a beat

I leaned forward in my seat

and pressed the button to turn it right off


I sat back and looked away

So I didn’t have to explain

Why that song always made me ache

I wiped a tear from my cheek

I didn’t move, I didn’t speak

And I drifted back into space


To the time when we had it all figured out

Thought we knew what life was about

And our plans were set in stone

I didn’t want to remember

Way back to September

But the memories came, all too well known


Everything was perfect

Sleepless nights were worth it

every drive with the windows down

You always greeted my father with a handshake

Helped my mother make pancakes

never would’ve guessed you’d ghost our town


You texted me sorry I have to leave

Was I really that naive

To expect closure through that “goodbye”

I kept searching for explanations

asking if this whole time I was just mistaken

Cause I still didn’t understand why


You came and went just like that

Like a finger and a thumb, in a snap

made and changed my whole life

You made me find my strength

To find love through my pain

If only we could’ve also found more time


But here I am in April

Still hurt, but grateful

That although you’re gone, you were at one point here

so I turned to put the radio back on

Held his hand, and at end of the song

Listened to the music, like you, bittersweetly fade & disappear