PCI: Josh Allen will be the First Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

by The Cowl Editor on April 26, 2018


By Sullivan Burgess ’20

Sports Staff

josh allen nfl 2018 draft prospect
Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Juhasz/BillsWire

In this upcoming NFL Draft, the first pick selected by the Cleveland Browns will be University of Wyoming quarterback, Josh Allen.

In a draft class filled with amazing talent at all positions, some standouts are in the quarterback, class of this draft. Despite all their talents, the one who stands out among the rest is Allen. The 6’5”, 223-pound junior is being compared to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, and has the skills and character to potentially be one of the NFL’s most elite quarterbacks.

At the NFL combine, Allen ran a 4.75 second 40-yard dash, and showed a vertical jump of 33.5 inches. One of his most notable abilities is his arm strength. At his pro-day, it was clear his strength was off the charts. Despite some reports and instances of inaccuracies, Allen has taken the offseason to work with QB coach Jordan Palmer to improve his footwork and focus, allowing scouts to put those inaccuracy reports behind him and focus on what he could bring to a team.

His anticipation when throwing the ball is still a bit rusty. As training camp and preseason progress, however, he will soon find what he needs to do in-game during the NFL season.

Compared to University of Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield, who is another potential first pick by Cleveland, Allen has showed his ability to work harder and improve the weaker parts of his game.  Mayfield’s off-field drama with the law shows he may not have the character to survive in this social media world, while Allen has shown that he does.

The Browns shocked the world this offseason with ground-breaking trades for players such as wide receiver Jarvis Landry, quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and cornerback Damarious Randall.

If they were to add Allen alongside this roster, the Browns would be doing themselves a favor, which could eventually allow them to win a game or reach playoffs. Taylor, the former starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, would have to compete for the starting position against Allen. It is likely that Allen will win the starting role due to his arm strength.

For a team that has been through so many losses the last few seasons, things will begin to turn around on April 26 when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces that the Browns will take University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

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