Picking Up the Gavel

by The Cowl Editor on May 3, 2018

Editor's Column

As I sit down to write my first Editor’s Column, I cannot help feeling a mix of both sadness and excitement.

Sadness about the seniors who are leaving us this year, since The Cowl will not be the same without them, and excitement as well for the new things that all of us are moving on to do.

The Cowl’s seniors are an amazing and talented group of people, and I know that they will go on to do great things.

Marla and Paige, thank you for everything you have done for us this year, especially over the past few weeks as Abby and I have prepared to take over the roles which you have done so well in over the past year.

You two were our anchors over the past weeks of training, and we will certainly feel unmoored without you, as glad as we might be to see everything you are going to do in the future.

I am excited as well to be taking on a bigger role on The Cowl, an organization I have come to love over the past three years at Providence College.

Since joining the staff as a freshman, The Cowl has really become my home at PC. I hope to strengthen and grow in this 83-year long tradition as editor-in-chief and to uphold the legacy of all of the editors-in-chief that have come before me.

I know Abby and I will make a great team as editor-in-chief and associate editor-in-chief and there really is no one with whom I would rather lead a staff of over eighty people.

The Cowl is the epitome of our motto veritas, finding and reporting the truth on campus. It is a voice for PC students and I am so honored to be entrusted with that voice.

As we prepare to enter into our last year at PC, there is nothing I would rather do than spend every Wednesday in The Cowl office with everyone who has made my first three years so amazing and memorable.