To All The Juice Boxes I Threw Away

by The Cowl Editor on May 3, 2018


Juice box
Photo courtesy of

by Erin Lucey ’20


Walking to school,

Our eyes were so bright.

I arrived with huge passion,

Though my body was slight.


A yellow ticket each day,

And I giggle as I wait.

There were lines on the gym floor,

And a chicken patty on my plate.


On go the years,

And still struck with such pride

I munched on my goldfish,

With my lunchbox open wide.


How slowly the days pass by,

Though life moves way too quick.

Soon I was shuffling through the halls,

With a swift snack amongst the brick.


Lunch became such a game,

And on my journey to win

My juice boxes and animal crackers

Went right in the bin.


But why did I not realize

That it doesn’t matter who sees!

And if I could go back

I’d sip them with ease.


Because packing your own bag,

Marks the day you have grown,

But you will not yet realize

You missed the time that has flown.


Although I regret,

I know their flavor is now gone.

And if I could go back,

I’d make sure to hang on.


Because all the time in the world,

Would never be quite enough.

When you can’t relive the days

Of the peanut butter and fluff.