It Just Happens

by Andrea Traietti on August 30, 2018


by Jessica Polanco ’20

Everyone dreads the feeling,
But they truly never know what it feels like.
It isn’t even a feeling,
It’s just something that happens.

blue watercolor of a full moon
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When you get over an argument,
You don’t even remember the exact time you did
But you did.
And it just happened.

When something dries up,
After getting wet,
It eventually dries.
And it just happens.

The moon rose this evening,
It stood next to the sun,
It tried stealing it’s spotlight,
Until it finally did.
And it just happened.

When autumn trickles in,
Even though they say it’s on the 21st,
We never know exactly when because
It kind of just happens.

When we want it to,
When we don’t want it to,
And when it’s least expected,
Change happens.
All the time.