by Andrea Traietti on August 30, 2018


by Connor Zimmerman ’20

two full-length mirrors leaning against a wall with a fireplace
Photo Courtesy of pinimg.com


In a mirror, the reflection is clear.
The image shows perfection.
I look just how I hoped I’d appear
I can’t think of any objections.             

The reflection sends me back to the past
To the moments when I laugh and love.
All the connections that help me last.

The image has at last spoken,
I am completely unbroken.

In a mirror, the reflection was clear.
The image showed all my scars.
I looked worse than how I thought I appeared.
I didn’t see anything but the marks.

The reflection sent me back to the past
To the memories where I have regretted.
All the missed chances that shaped this outcast.

The image had at last spoken,
I was entirely broken.