Striving For Veritas

by The Cowl Editor on August 30, 2018

Editor's Column

by Taylor Godfrey ’19


As we start a new academic year, The Cowl is back for its first issue, exploring issues at Providence College such as new housing programs and head coaches as well as topics ranging farther off campus such as food truck festivals in Providence and the importance of political engagement.

Here at The Cowl, we are looking forward to another great year. We have just completed our summit training and this first issue welcomes back some of our writers and editors into their former roles, as well as welcomes other editors into new positions of leadership.

It has been so exciting for Abby and I to see so many of our staff members step up and flourish in their new positions and roles. We look forward to the new staff members we will gain as the year goes on.

We have an amazing staff full of people whose passion for journalism and writing amazes us every week.

Our Cowl staff is also aware of our place as the only campus news publication. As the College’s newspaper, we play an important role in reporting both events at PC and beyond.

In this time of intense discourse and unrest, when news publications and other forms of media are being disparaged and denounced and the phrase “fake news” has become a part of the common vernacular, The Cowl is committed now more than ever to the pursuit of truth and to the goal of being the voice for the 4,000 students on this campus.

An important tenet of this school is truth, or Veritas. It is so important to PC that the word resides in our seal and the embodiment of the idea stands proudly on Slavin lawn.

And Veritas is important to us at The Cowl as well. From accepting letters to the editor to interviewing students, faculty, and staff members, The Cowl cares what this community has to say.

Over the course of the next 23 issues, The Cowl will strive to uphold the concept of Veritas as well as continue to share the stories of our community members and fellow students, from Friars who have graduated in past years to our newest class of 2022.