Tangents and Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on August 30, 2018


Group of people raising their arms up and jumping on top of a hill.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Outreach Inspires Individual Growth

There is something to be said for the naiveté and free-thinking nature of children. The laws of reality that adults have learned to abide by do not stop the young mind’s creativity.

Simply spending time around young children helps to reactivate a portion of ourselves which was lost as time passed and lessons were learned.

Involvement in Children’s Outreach, a volunteer program here on campus, was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had here at Providence College.

Spending two hours a week surrounded by elementary-school students allowed my imagination to run free.

No longer were Socrates’ philosophies playing in my mind. Instead, the world became a friendly place with few restrictions. Anything was possible during these brief hours.

Volunteer programs such as Children’s Outreach, PC Pals, and FriarServe allow individuals to get to know their local Providence home, as well as give back to the same community which provides so many opportunities and memorable experiences.

Whether you are an education major or someone who just enjoys working with children, there are plenty of campus groups that allow you to get involved in our local community.

In an environment where tasks and class assignments can often be a burden on an individual, volunteering with local students can provide relaxing and rewarding settings where young minds run wild, and old ones are refreshed by the unrestricted thoughts they find themselves surrounded by.

-Joshua Chlebowski ’21


First Day Jitters-Not Just a Freshman Problem

As another new semester begins, it’s important to remember that first-day jitters are normal for all college students—freshmen and upperclassmen alike.

Too often, college students are under the impression that being an upperclassman automatically means that you have it all figured out.

However, that assumption is not true, and it creates an unnecessary and harmful sense of pressure.

Freshmen obviously deal with all of the stresses that come along with being in college for the first time: making new friends, living in a dorm, and adjusting to college-level classes.

Being an upperclassman brings its own new set of challenges. With graduation on the horizon, one has to consider what the future and post-college life has to offer.

But freshmen and upperclassmen can also face similar struggles adjusting to campus life, missing friends and family from home, and getting into a routine with classes and activities.

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, no one really has it figured out. And that is okay! First day jitters, whether we are freshmen or seniors, are to be expected.

When we acknowledge this, we not only learn to give ourselves a break, but we also learn to act with more compassion within our community.

-Laura Arango ’20