Class of 2020 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on September 19, 2018

Congress Updates

Vice President

Sam Lomax

The time has come for a new dawn. The class of 2020 has reached a watershed in our Providence College journey. Our odyssey is halfway completed – our trajectory is set and our destinies are manifesting in front of our eyes. The future is bright, but now is not the time for indolence. The sickly, yellow underbelly of apathy is rearing its ugly head, and 2020 needs the support necessary to keep the momentum going far into the sunset. My name is Samuel Edward Lomax. I am running for vice president of the Class of 2020. And by God, I intend to provide that support. We’ve run into constant adversity in our short two years of classes, from massive blackouts to extreme weather. I can’t guarantee to stop these disasters. I certainly don’t control the weather, as far as the State knows. But what I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to provide my colleagues and contemporaries with the structure they need to thrive in these adversarial contingencies. College is an onerous task – with my guidance as vice president, we will overpower our enemies, be our best self and take control of our LIVES