Class of 2019 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on September 19, 2018

Congress Updates

Class Representative

Maggie Burke

My name is Maggie Burke and I am running for the position of Class Representative for the class of 2019. Having never been a part of Student Congress before, I am able to bring a fresh perspective to this organization along with the leadership experience to back it up that I’ve gained from the other clubs and groups I am a part of on campus, like BMSA, Orientation Staff, and Student Alumni Association. I am organized, responsible, and communicative. But what makes me truly stand out is how deeply I care about our school, especially the class of 2019, and I want to work hard to make our last year here as special as we all deserve. And being elected to this position, being able to represent the class I am grateful to be a part of, would certainly make it special for me.





Matthew Bohn

As a class representative of the senior class of 2019 I will attempt to do everything in my power to not only make our last year here at PC the best it can possibly be, but also attempt to make this school a better and more enjoyable place for future Friars. As a member of student congress last year, I feel I have developed the skills and knowledge that will make myself a very effective class representative. I am aware of the issues that currently exist on our campus and would love the opportunity to work closely with other members of the class to resolve those issues to the best of our ability. I am also more than willing to listen to my peers and bring their concerns to Student Congress order to resolve them. I would really enjoy the opportunity to serve the senior class as a class representative during our last year here. Go Friars.