Class of 2022 Letters of Intent

by The Cowl Editor on September 19, 2018

Congress Updates

Below are the Student Congress Letters of Intent for the class of 2022.

2022 Class President

Dliza Barmakian

My name is Eliza Barmakian and I will be running for President of the class of 2022. My
goal in doing so is to form a relationship with my fellow classmates in which they feel as though
they can come to me with any concerns, or even just to talk. Coming to college is a big deal, and
I am by no means more knowledgeable about making this transition easier than any other
members of the class of 2022. What I do know, however, is that we all come from different
backgrounds, different lifestyles, all of which shapes our outlook on the world. As president I
would like to foster the kind of environment where people feel comfortable being themselves and
sharing their worldviews with others. Part of my job as a PC student is to encourage others to tell
their stories because by listening we come to obtain greater knowledge of the world around us.
Most importantly, my goal as president would be to make sure everyone knows they are not
alone, that there is always someone who cares about them. I want to support my peers in every
way I can.
Yelitza Montesino
Hello, my name is Yelitza Montesino and I am a part of the class of 2022. I plan on running for Student Congress President for the freshman class. In my short time at Providence College, I have met many people and have experienced so much of what the school has to offer. As president, I plan to address any issues that happen within the college by hearing the opinions of my peers and establishing change if needed. I also feel as if having a Latina president will begin a movement where every voice is heard, and the face of the class is someone who many can relate to. I plan to be someone my peers can go to if they have any concerns or problems so that I can then speak for them at the weekly meetings and make sure that the problem is addressed efficiently. Whether the problem is a residence hall issue or student life, I plan to make sure that my class will have a successful year.
Nicole Durand

My name is Nicole Durand and I am running for President of the Class of 2022. Throughout high school, I held the position of Vice President for all four years. With that experience, I believe I can take on the role of President of the freshmen class.

In addition to my history on Student Congress, I am well equipped for the job. I am a very outgoing, approachable, and understanding person. I enjoy reaching out to others and listening to their concerns in hopes to bring a change they want to see. I believe organizational and leadership skills are strong qualities of mine that would be necessary for a presidential position. More than anything, I hope to lead my class in spirit, academic achievement, and positivity to make our first year memorable.


Matthew Lussier 

My name is Matthew Lussier, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for class president!  From a young age, I always watched the news with my dad, and that turned into a passion for civic engagement.  I have followed that passion for years now through participating in campaigns, student government, and even various projects to benefit my community with my district attorney.  My desire to help others and make the world a better place motivates me to do the same at Providence College. 
As a class, we are in a very unique position.  We have the distinction of being the largest class in the history of PC, and I have noticed a strong energy among our students in the weeks we have been here.  My goal as president would be to harness that energy, bringing both our ideas and students together to create positive change throughout campus.  I am the candidate who is willing to put in the necessary hard work for our class to achieve success, and I would love to have your vote.  Thank you and go Friars!
Eliana DaCunha
My name is Eliana “Eli” DaCunha and I am running for President–Class of 2022! I am a Biology major looking to minor in Political Science. 
Serving as Class President for 4 years in high school, I attained invaluable leadership experience. I know the level of work that goes into a position like this and know that I can create a positive impact here at PC. I’ve fundraised for and organized events like pep rallies, prom, and even graduation, but as President, my favorite part was just getting to know my classmates and collaborating with them to improve campus life. 
The most important attributes for a leader are an open mind and strong will. If elected, I promise to listen to you, the students of PC, and use your feedback to drive every action I take as President. We may not all know each other yet, but by building a supportive environment of openness, kindness, and of course, FUN, I know I can bring our class closer together. College can be stressful but it doesn’t always have to be! We’re only here for 4 years–let’s make them memorable. 
Best of luck this semester and cheers to our Friar Family. #EliforPresi
Vice President
Jamie Krill
My name is Jamie Krill, and I am running for vice president of the class of 2022.  I believe I am qualified for this position because of my work creating the organization Varsity Visits.  Varsity Visits’ purpose is to connect high school and college sports teams with nearby youth programs to teach athletic and leadership skills to the community.  Running Varsity Visits has given me important leadership and teamwork skills essential for this position. If elected as your vice president, my goal is to give our class the best year possible.  I intend to start working immediately to bring new and exciting events, fundraisers and charities to campus. A few ideas I already have for this year include holiday events, sports tournaments, and more class trips.  However, I also aim to reach out to all of you for your ideas for how I can make your freshman year even better for you! I am confident in my ability to be an exceptional vice president for the class of 2022, and have no doubt I can make a positive impact on our freshman year.
Beah Cyrus
My name is Beah Cyrus and I would like to run for Vice President of our class. Given the opportunity, I will strive to make memorable and impactful moments for our class and student body. As a class, we have the power to make a positive and lasting change as Friars and I believe that I can help us accomplish these incentives. While spending the next four years together, I hope to witness and obtain new friendships in which we can help each other grow into the people we strive to be. In the past, I have held a variety of leadership positions as a board member of my high school’s diversity committee, orientation leader, and as a counselor for an arts program provided to middle schoolers. Through these positions I have gained experience in communicating with others as well as organizing and hosting events. I enjoy being seriously involved in my community and I hope to continue this during my time at Providence College. As Vice President of our class, I will work hard to be a powerful and dedicated voice for every individual that is apart of the class of 2022.
James Lombardi
My name is James Lombardi and I am your candidate for vice president of the class of 2022! As your vice president, I promise to always take your comments and suggestions to our meetings. One thing that I think is missing from society today is steady communication between leadership and constituents, so I will strive to be a direct line to the administration for everyone, and I will literally use any form of communication to connect with as many of you as possible. As Dwight Schrute so eloquently put it: “Here’s my cell number, my pager number, my home number and my other pager number. I never take vacations, I never get sick. And I don’t celebrate any major holidays” (Disclaimer: I do celebrate a few major holidays). I promise to never take my position for granted, to represent the class with integrity, and to always serve you with the utmost respect. Some things that I think would help improve our experience here at PC would be a canopy over the line to the mail room, and possibly looking into getting more food options on campus that use a meal plan swipe. Thank you for your time and consideration! #ItsTrophyTime
Edy Pined

I am thrilled to be officially running to be YOUR Vice President. I am here to be the voice that we need, to listen to your ideas, thoughts, and opinions, but most importantly actually bring them to the table.

A little background about myself: I enjoy playing, watching, and refereeing soccer. I am a big coffee lover, and also love to chat about almost anything. I come from a new small charter school in Rhode Island, in which I had the opportunity to found the first Student Council in which I served as President. I am a Biology Major with the intention to prepare to attend medical school after graduating.

I deeply care about serving in our Student Congress, after all it is the way to address the concerns we have to our upperclassmen, faculty, and school administrators. I believe that one of my strengths will be the ability to work along with other congress members to create the changes that we need. My intention is to build a strong and team that has a diverse set of ideas and skills that can make our whole class proud.

I am thrilled and humbled to have earn this opportunity! Go Friars!

Collin Malloy

My name is Collin Malloy and I am running for the class treasurer position in student congress. I would love the opportunity to have an impact in the PC community by serving in this position. Student congress is about representing not only the class of 2022, but the student body as a whole. Therefore, your ideas are my ideas. When I am elected, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me so that I can bring it up in the next board meeting. I want your voices to be heard.

Why should you vote for me? Why do I deserve your vote? One reason: I am on your side. I’m not campaigning on a platform of ideas that I have for this school. That’s not my plan for being your treasurer. My goal is to have your voices heard. I want you, yes you, the class of 2022, to be in control of what happens while I am in office. By serving on Student Congress, I am representing our class.



Kate Zenobio

My name is Kate Zenobio; I’m from Long Island, NY  and am very interested in becoming Treasurer. I held the role for my class since the 6th grade. As we advanced, the decisions became more complex but more impactful; ie. we went from deciding on where our class trip would be to what charity we would support.  Both expenses important, but the latter had more significance. I developed skills throughout that time that I know I will be able to offer to the PC community. A Treasurer must be organized, pay attention to detail, and reliable.The role requires more than those logistical pieces, however.  It benefits from someone who is a good communicator and who is interested in looking at the big picture. My experience in other extra-curricular activities helped me develop those intangible qualities as well. Being Treasurer allowed me to create the most inclusive class to go through my high school.  We intentionally planned ways to learn of our members’ opinions and engage them in decision-making whenever possible. It proved to build a culture of participation and school spirit. I would hope that I could make that kind of mark for the Class of 2022 as well.




Kelly McMahon

As the Class of 2022 Secretary, I would like to improve everyone’s overall
experience at PC. My main goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their
new home for the next four years. Though I have only been here for a short
amount of time, I can already tell PC is a special place, and I am excited to
become a part of making it an even better one. I promise to give my all to this
class, and to making everyone feel like their voice matters. Vote for me!







Class Representative

Caroline Schaper

Hi, my name is Caroline Schaper and I’m running to be a representative for the class of 2022. I am a Biology major and I love all that Providence has to offer. Ever since I took my first tour here, I knew PC had a strong sense of community, but I know not everyone feels this way. As a class representative I would try to make everyone feel like they can voice their own opinion and have a say in decisions being made. I love being able to bring people together and I hope that I could make everyone feel included, so that the feeling of community could be even stronger. I look forward to the next four years with all of you. Thank you and go Friars!






Abigail Cavalier

I believe that the role of representative is very important in order for all of the needs and wishes of the Student Body to be heard. I intend to make sure all voices of the Class of 2022 are heard and the issues that affect them are brought to Congress’s attention. I was the president of my junior and senior classes. I want to use the skills I have learned and strengthened then and bring them to PC’s Student Congress. I want to be a representative for the Class of 2022 because I promise to be attentive to their needs, be accessible to them and promise to fulfill all duties required of me. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate.






Grace Keeney

My name is Grace Keeney and it would be my honor to serve as a representative of the class of 2022. From prior experience with student government positions throughout high school, I see great value in all opinions and thoughts being voiced. With that, I would like to bring that strategy to office by being a person that anyone can consult and give their suggestions to so that I may present it to the other officers. Creating an atmosphere where everyone feels involved will result in success. In addition, I believe that leadership is very important. If I can represent my class with hard work, kindness, and courtesy, then we will succeed. As one of the student representatives of our class, I will work with the other representatives to seek out opinions across the student body and bring them to our meetings for discussion and further action on the matter. I believe that I would be a worthy candidate because I always aim to be a good team player and add positive suggestions and ideas to group meetings. I work well with others and enjoy hearing from different points of view. As a result, I believe that I could make a strong contribution to the class of 2022 leadership team. I would appreciate your vote in the election.



Jacqueline DeGennaro

My name is Jacqueline DeGennaro and I am running for a Class Representative position for the Class of 2022. As a part of Student Government all four years of high school, I knew coming into Providence that I would want to run for a position here. I believe I qualify for the position to represent my class because I am outgoing, attentive, caring and organized. I want to be there for my class and be a part of the changes here at PC. I understand the large commitment that having a position on Student Congress holds, but I am ready to take it on with full force and a positive attitude going into this school year. Go Friars!