Listomania: Things to “Snap” Sodexo*

by The Cowl Editor on September 20, 2018


A picture of my undercooked chicken

Cheating on Ray with Take3

A picture of my own cooking

Wheres the hot chocolate?

A picture of Dot looking sad at the changes in Ray

A face-swapped picture with the cockroach sitting next to me

A picture of my secret Tupperware full of stolen food

A picture of my cupboards full of stolen Ray dishes and cups

A video of me sneaking into MyZone

A series of photos of ethnic food fails

A video of the better line control on Nugget Thursdays

(A picture of my bitmoji looking confused) “Who runs this place?”

*PSA: Sodexo’s Snapchat name is “pcdining”

Sodexo snapchat code
Photo courtesy of Erin Venuti ’20