Featured Friar: Rita Murphy ’19

by The Cowl Editor on September 27, 2018


By Kendall Carol ’20

In the midst of the overwhelming nature of college, students often struggle to stay afloat.  

Rita Murphy ’19 has undoubtedly encountered some chaos throughout her time at Providence College, but she has also fostered a mindset that keeps her close to her intentions and identity, trusting in the future ahead. 

With poise and reflection, Murphy was able to share some valuable advice and a taste of her PC experience, which has been filled with faith, music, and laughter. 

Rita’s involvement at PC began her freshman year when she joined Peer Ministry. The Connections retreat, paired with a first club meeting at Newport Creamery, signaled to Murphy that this was the club for her. 

She explained,  “The chance to meet authentic and genuine people opened my eyes to the possibility of having a faith life in college. Peer Ministry also allows me to slow down, and one thing I love is how I can look back and see how much I’ve changed.”

    Murphy’s engagement on campus continued into her sophomore year where she took on several roles throughout the community that allowed her to lead and flourish as an individual.  

From helping the freshmen assimilate during their first year as an Orientation Leader,  to working as an Admission Ambassador, a coordinator for Peer Ministry, a radio DJ for WDOM, and a member of Six Gents, Murphy’s schedule is more than full.  

When asked about staying sane but also true to her identity through all these changes, Murphy explained, “You don’t want to waste time being something that is not yourself, to be authentically yourself is a very freeing thing to accomplish, but by no means easy.” 

Her choice to join Six Gents was spurred by the chance to spend more time with her sister, who was also a member.  It was an unexpected decision, but an experience that was irreplaceable for Murphy.  

Murphy explained that watching the audiences grow throughout the years was an indescribable feeling, saying, “Six Gents is a ton of fun, it taught me public speaking, and it gave me confidence.”  

When looking back at all of her endeavors, one thing is certain for Murphy, “I wouldn’t change anything,” and she encourages all PC students to follow a similar mantra of “trusting the process.”

As for her future plans, Murphy will continue to apply that mindset. She said, “Life is happening and I’m just going to see where it takes me.” But she does have a few ideas in mind. 

As an art history and psychology double major, Murphy is interested in counseling or higher education. Her dream job of working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still in the realm of possibilities, but as of now, she is deciding between doing a year of service or going right into the workforce post-graduation. 

 When asked about one relationship that has impacted her experience the most, Murphy had trouble narrowing it down. She explained,  “Every person, every roommate,  orientation leader, group project member, has truly contributed something small to who I will be when I graduate here from PC.”