Make Magic Happen: Be Less “Careful” in Your Schoolwork

by The Cowl Editor on September 27, 2018

Editor's Column

by Abigail Czerniecki ’19

Associate Editor-in-Chief

In my art class earlier this week, my ceramics professor told me to “be careful, but don’t be too careful to the point that you lose the magic in your work.” He then proceeded to tell me that I should spit on my work after I think I have made something of worth because that is when the “magic” happens, but we can ignore the spitting part for now.

For the remainder of class, my mind could not let go of his comments. I grappled with his words “careful” and “magic.” I left class with no explanation.

That night as I prepared for the lesson I would give to my students, I began to understand what my professor meant by being “too careful”that I could lose the magic. In fact, I understood it more clearly when I applied it to my schoolwork.

Providence College students are very driven, goal-oriented, committed, and careful when it comes to academics.

The papers we produce follow strict guidelines that we do not stray from and the group projects we present have criteria that must be completed to receive a certain grade. However, there are not certain sentences that we must implement in the papers or certain ways to present the group project.

I can admit that I am often too careful in my schoolwork—afraid to step away from the generic five-paragraph essay and rubric guidelines, but “magic” is not created when we are too careful in our schoolwork or artwork. Magic happens only when we trust ourselves to take a different approach.

PC students, myself included, must learn to look at their academics from a new, untouched lens and explore our intellectual abilities.

Be unique in your papers and spirited during your presentations because “magic” happens no other way.