One of These Days

by Andrea Traietti on October 18, 2018


by Sam Ward ’21

One of these days

I’ll challenge myself and put together the words that spell out b-e-a-u-t-y
I’ll pen the pursuit and capture the prize
I’ll thank my girl for kissing my scars
I’ll have no need for desire

One of these days

I won’t romanticize the end of times being the best of times
I won’t pretend it’s all gloom and no glory
I won’t sleep through class and I will start reading, maybe writing, maybe exercising
I won’t let my ego idolize a case
                                                      of spiritual malnutrition
clara clara clara clara clara clara  of material fixation

One of these days

I am going to write inspired works and perhaps,
                                  perhaps burn the fire that combusts inside of me
I am going to love to be loved and bring dream to conception
I am going to rework the very design of the process
I am going to wear my smile and mean it
One of these days,

clara clara clara clara clara clara  I am going to say something and actually believe it.