by Andrea Traietti on October 18, 2018


by Marelle Hipolito ’21

Staring out this window
Watching the world pass by
I can’t help but wonder
If you’ll be fine

I’ve done this before
I’ve known this hurt
Everyone walks in then out of my sight
But with you I’m not sure

a window left slightly ajar
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People staring into this window
I have never known privacy
A rule I have to accept
In this harsh world’s reality

But somehow, you got through
You saw from the outside
While everyone turned and moved on
You chose to come inside

Staring at that door
I’m nervous, I’m scared
I’ve never needed to lock it
But to open it­—no one has ever dared

Make sure you’re ready
Don’t be one to runaway
I’m one hell of a roller coaster
Please hold on and stay