Congress Updates

by The Cowl Editor on October 25, 2018

Congress Updates

by Aine Redington ’20

James Campbell, assistant vice president for student development, and Cheryl Granai, coordinator of outreach and prevention, visited Student Congress for their weekly meeting on Tuesday, October 23.

They shared various statistics about mental health on campus in light of mental health awareness month, including the effects of the “mental health and substance abuse grant awarded by the center for mental health services.”

Campbell and his constituents have traveled to 104 meetings to talk to students about suicide, mental health, and prevention. 

There have been 35 outreach and awareness programs, 52 life skills and wellness events, 39 events for students of color, marginalized or at risk. 

This grant has also supported various gatekeeper trainings to prepare students on how to look out for their peers. This includes KOGNITO training and Step Up! Bystander training. 

Dr. Campbell also discussed a new leader for the “student leave program” that addresses the anxiety of students who take a leave of absence unexpectedly. 

A case manager is assigned to provide each student with adequate resources, so they feel comfortable coming back to campus when they are ready. 

A member of congress asked how faculty members are trained to help students who struggle with mental health issues, especially if those issues are affecting their academic lives. Dr. Campbell informed the congress of two upcoming meetings where he and Granai plan to meet with department chairs to inform staff of the seriousness of mental health issues and how best to help students who are struggling and may need help. 

During general announcements, Congress swore in the sixth student representative of the class of 2022, Julia Karim. 

Also, Dean Beverley discussed the Democracy Wall. The Democracy Wall is a black board on the third floor of Feinstein which poses a new question each week. This week, the question is “What is the difference between FREE SPEECH and HATE SPEECH?”

Student Congress encourages everyone to check it out or follow them on Instagram @pcdidwall.  

There were two pieces of old business and no new business. Both old pieces  of legistlation were proposed clubs: Wine and Cheese Club and International Business Club. 

Wine and Cheese Club was introduced as a networking club where potential members would learn about wine and cheese. 

Concerns arose from congress members because money allocated from congress can not be used for the purchase of alcohol.  

Ultimately, the piece was tabled because of the reservations. 

The International Business Club is a club dedicated to preparing students for international markets and how to navigate and network. The piece passed unanimously.