Tangents and Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on November 1, 2018


Breakfast food set on a table.
Photo courtesy of Amazing Views Cabin Rentals.

Breakfast for Dinner in Ray

From chocolate chip pancakes to cheesy scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns, Raymond Dining Hall’s breakfast is absolutely stellar. And there are plenty of Providence College students that would agree with this statement.

However, breakfast during weekdays ends at 10:30 a.m. which is inconvenient for students with late classes or for students who just want to sleep in for a few extra hours.

After a busy day of classes and homework, there is nothing better than breakfast for dinner; however, there is never breakfast offered past the early morning hours during the weekdays and past 2 p.m. on the weekends.

Ray should offer breakfast options throughout the day, because there is nothing more homey than having breakfast for dinner or even for lunch.

Some may argue that the dining hall offers cereal throughout the day which is enough of a breakfast fill; however, the cereal options are usually the same and are less satisfying than fresh pancakes or waffles.

The breakfast here at PC is the best meal that Ray offers, so even incorporating special nights where breakfast is served for dinner would be satisfactory. While it is great that they have nights like these during finals week, they should incorporate them more regularly throughout the semester, as well.

But even aside from dinner, many PC students could benefit from an extension of the hours that breakfast is served, which would make it more accessible for busy students.

After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

-Emily Ball ’22


PC Pups: Unexpected Pet Therapy

As we just passed the semester’s midpoint, many of us may be missing the comforts of home.

Maybe it’s sleeping in your own bed or enjoying a home-cooked meal as opposed to Ray food, but for many there’s the longing for their dog. Dogs always seem to know how to cheer us up and make us smile.

Being away from home and your pet for so long creates a longing in your college life that, luckily, Providence College somehow manages to make better—by allowing dog walkers on campus!

Whether it be during a long walk from the Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies to the library, or just walking in between classes, one is always bound to see someone walking their dog.

Oftentimes, students spot the same dog throughout the week; however, there never appears to be a shortage of new dogs gracing the walkways of PC.

Events such as the one on Oct. 27 during New Student Family Weekend where students were able to play with puppies offered a good stress-relieving break after a busy couple weeks of midterms.

There are no complaints from any of the friends I’ve been with while encountering dogs on campus. In fact, those few minutes of pure joy while petting a cute dog serve as a tiny bit of pet therapy. And in the end, the encounter leaves all parties better off.

-Katherine Belbusti ’22