Pizza for Breakfast

by The Cowl Editor on November 20, 2018


by Sam Ward ’21

Restless nights bear peaceful mornings,
A break from fear via alarm bell warnings.
That’s it, rest easy. I want to take in the moment.
Slip out, brush teeth, unnoticed.

Sun dips through blinds like a golden colander
And days dawdling dimly, seconds lackluster.
But mornings like this one are so right,
Gentle, A.M. breaths, hours in sight.

Dismiss waking you, peaceful is fragile.
Lucky to be, nothing important as this,
Spellbound to dreamscape’s travel,
That I will work up a nerve and break with a kiss.

Climbing clumsily, your covers like a shadow.
Slipped instead, you’re awake.
Real mad, lets out a morning “Hello.”
I will just let the pizza box atone for my mistake.

This is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Heart-shaped pizza in a box
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