Study Catholicism in Rome: PC Offers New Study Abroad Opportunity for All Majors

by The Cowl Editor on November 29, 2018


by Kelly Martella ’21

News Staff

Studying abroad is a highlight of the college experience for many, and Providence College has no shortage of global opportunities. Next spring, PC students will have a new option to choose from: studying Catholic theology and culture in Rome.

PC students study abroad through the Center for Global Education (CGE). The CGE offers programs in over 40 countries, allowing students to travel anywhere from South Africa to South Korea.

As listed on their website, the Center has four pedagogical goals:  curricular integration, geographic diversity of program locations, program diversity, and career integration and development. While students may be thousands of miles away from campus, study abroad is an extension of the education at PC. The CGE states that “study abroad provides alternative learning environments so students can benefit from new academic perspectives and intercultural experiences.” 

Italy is not a new destination for PC students looking to study abroad. Since 2013, a popular program has been “PC in Rome,” where students live and study in the Italian capital for a semester. 

Rome has long been a popular destination for visitors, attracting people from all over the world to experience Roman culture. 

One of the city’s main attractions is its history. The center of the ancient world, Rome has thousands of years of rich history, and sites such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum are still preserved and available to explore. Vatican City to this day is the center of the Catholic Church, and home to the Pope.

It is also known for its art, not only in Vatican City but throughout the city of Rome itself. Rome also has some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, easily spotted throughout the entire city.  

PC’s program will expose students to all of the historical, theological, and artistic culture that Rome has to offer. Among other exciting opportunities, one of the highlights will be experiencing Holy Week and Easter at the Vatican. Faith is at the core of PC, and this program allows students to see it in a new perspective. They will be able to apply the values and experience firsthand the theological ideas taught on campus. 

The new program will be starting in the spring semester of 2020. It will be run by the theology department, and students will have the opportunity to earn credits toward a theology minor. More information will be coming soon.