Colleges Against Cancer Holds Brovember: Students Promote Cancer Awareness Before the Holidays

by The Cowl Editor on December 6, 2018


No Shave November is a nationwide campaign to help raise cancer awareness.

by Julia Acquavita ’22

News Staff

On Wednesday, November 28, Providence College’s Colleges Against Cancer club hosted their annual “Brovember” event in McPhail’s. 

The event’s main goal was to raise awareness for cancer and to spread knowledge about the fundraiser “No Shave November,” a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. The night consisted of food, games, music, and friends all coming together to support a cause close to many people’s hearts.

Students from every class filed into McPhail’s, eagerly awaiting the event’s activities and food. 

As they first walked into the event, each table had scattered facts written on tiny bits of paper about cancer. 

Shortly after students arrived, they helped themselves to a selection of Chick-fil-A and pizza. The attendees were able to educate themselves on the facts about cancer while munching on delicious food.

The activities and music started with the St. Dominic Ensemble, a group that performs during the 10 p.m. Sunday mass each week. Following their performance was PC’s co-ed A cappella group, Strictly Speaking. 

Both musical groups brought their energy to the stage, encouraging the audience to sing along and dance.

The performances were followed by a trivia game that mentioned facts about the fundraiser.

Some of the trivia questions asked challenging questions about how much money No Shave November has raised to date, how many mustaches have been grown since it began in 2004, and how many conversations were had as a result of No Shave November 2015. 

Students’ competitive sides showed as they quickly wrote down their answers in an attempt to win gift cards to Dunkin’. The trivia game ended with “Guess the Stache” where the participants had to look at a beard and guess which celebrity it belonged to. “Staches” featured in the trivia game included the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, actor Zach Galifianakis, and scientist Albert Einstein. 

The three winners of the game won a $5 Dunkin’ gift card and a beer mug.

To end the event with a final activity and prize, the Love Your Melon club came and raffled off one of their winter beanies.

Grace Crowley 22, a member of the Colleges Against Cancer club, described the night as a “super fun environment filled with good food all for a great cause.” 

Overall, the night consisted of delicious food, energetic music, fun games, and special prizes that made it an event to remember. 

Brovember was a great way to help spread College’s Against Cancer’s mission of spreading cancer awareness, reminding people to give back to those in need this Christmas season.