“Are You Still Watching?” : Netflix Subscription is Worth it Despite Price Increase

by The Cowl Editor on January 24, 2019


Student watching Netflix.
Netflix originals are a factor in the price increase, but they are also what keeps people

“Are you still watching?” is a phrase you may be familiar with if you, like many others, binge watch Netflix in your free time. But in 2019, it may have an entirely new meaning.

In terms of post-class entertainment, Netflix is the most frequently used by Providence College students. However, the upcoming price increase could have an effect on business.

While the price hike may seem extreme— Netflix is upping the prices of its standard plan by two dollars—the benefits of owning the streaming service definitely outweigh the costs.

In the past year alone, Netflix has released over 100 original films. They range from  critically acclaimed films such as Roma, to the summer sensation  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Not to mention their successful branch of comedy specials, such as John Mulaney’s Emmy-winning Kid Gorgeous at Radio City.

In addition to their plethora of films, Netflix has had continued success in television as well; Stranger Things is slated to have a popular third season coming up and Queer Eye has become a cult classic in the last year.

Their proliferation of award-winning original content is certainly one cause of the price increase. However, the entertainment and success that these films and series bring to the streaming service are certainly worth a price increase.

While their own series have had immense success, the shows and movies that Netflix has acquired the rights of are also enough to draw in the continuing crowds. It is, in fact, how they started their streaming service years ago and what immediately attracted audiences.

One of the most noteworthy, and fairly controversial, Netflix acquisitions in the last few months was the saving of Friends. Netflix will pay upwards of $100 million to keep the popular ‘90s sitcom on the service for at least one more year.

Though this hefty cost may seem a bit extreme for the 25-year-old program, it was at the request of a significant number of Netflix subscribers. This is likely to be one of the reasons why Netflix has to update their subscription prices.

Compared to its competitors, Netflix’s subscription price is not entirely unreasonable. Hulu offers a basic plan at $7.99 per month that only offers one screen per account, and a $14.99 per month subscription that offers unlimited screens.

The news coming from the streaming service does, however, come with its downsides. Many accounts are reporting that the popular service will be able to detect and stop account sharing.

If friends and relatives are no longer allowed to share passwords with a Netflix-owning peer, they could be entirely dissatisfied with the service’s actions and therefore, stop watching altogether.

Thus far, this is the only part of the new plan that should drastically affect the success of the service. Despite this change, it is still well worth streaming Netflix, even with the price increase.