Take the Leap: New Year, New Journey

by The Cowl Editor on January 24, 2019

Editor's Column

by Abigail Czerniecki ’19

Associate Editor-in-Chief

The new year, whether we like it or not, comes with changes and adjustments. 

For some, these changes are easy to notice and adapt to. Yet, for others, new routines and journeys may require a roaring alarm in order to awaken the greatness within and embrace a new adventure.

New beginnings are easier said than done. As Providence College students begin a new semester, they undertake a new routine as well. Thus, students must be willing to turn endings into new beginnings. 

Recently, I celebrated my last home swim meet as a PC athlete, and in that same week, I began student teaching. It felt as though I had ended one very familiar journey and begun a very foreign one.

As I wrap up my 18-year-long swim career and my time as a student athlete at PC, I know that although it will soon be time to hang up my cap and goggles, PC will always be a strong presence in my life.

Every step I have taken and every step I will take tomorrow is necessary to progress in my endeavors. I believe it to be true that when one door closes another one opens, it just requires courage and strength. To continue to grow we must push fearlessly through change, knowing that PC will always be there when we look back.

Whether it be a new class, student teaching, an internship, or a new year, starting a new journey is exciting and daunting. Regardless, having the Friar Family in our back pocket will bring us peace as we make the leap from the known to the unknown.