Self Titled Manifesto 1

by The Cowl Editor on February 1, 2019


by Sam Ward ’21

I got the heaviest skull and the emptiest stomach.
No heart, all construct,
Sans act, more dumb luck. “When it’s
Time to act, will you conquer?” More
Or less a revelation from a
Cowardly lion’s conscience.

Time can heal but can’t unshoot the messages. So
Reload with blanks and try to dilute the atmosphere,
And discuss my travelling fear, like,
“Uhm, it’s not my fault they’re out here.”

And the law of motion attracts
A fickle few, destinies detract.
Ashes to ashes, to make sense of constancy.
Unpredictable futures reject the ideology.

Minimize the gravity and maximize vida
Till, mortem rifts you on the prenup.
Scrutinize the reality and actualize your vita.
Still, mortals thrift you of your freedom.

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