The Roles and Responsibilities of Admission Ambassadors: An Inside Look at One of PC’s On-Campus Positions

by The Cowl Editor on February 7, 2019


The Office of Admission can be found in Harkins Hall.

By Julia Acquavita ’22

News Staff

Recently, applications for Admission Ambassador positions were open to students of all class years. However, not many people know what this position entails and what it takes to hold this position here at Providence College. 

Maddy Mulligan ’21 and Anthony Tramontozzi ’21 both currently serve as Admission Ambassadors. Mulligan and Tramontozzi described this position as “the first face prospective students see,” as Admission Ambassadors provide visiting students with the first impression of PC. 

In order to hold this position, you need to know how to turn on the charm so that prospective students feel comfortable and encouraged to want to join the PC family. 

Admission Ambassadors talk to the families of prospective students, answering any and all of the parents’ and students’ questions and concerns regarding the College. 

With this position comes a commitment to honoring PC and serving as the first faces families and students encounter.

In addition to talking to families and providing information, Admission Ambassadors must also work in the Office of Admission once a week for an hour or so.

The major events Admission Ambassadors are responsible for include Family Day, Accepted Students Day, and Spotlight Providence (a day for early action and early decision accepted students). During these events, some provide tours for the visiting students and families, while others direct traffic or help run the activities of the day. 

Regardless of what one’s job is during these events, all Admission Ambassadors must dedicate their time and efforts to provide the best day for prospective students.

Regarding the application process, once applications have been submitted, deans of admissions, such as Diana Gingles ’08, associate dean of admissions and coordinator of the alumni admission ambassador program,  read them over and choose about 100 students for a round of interviews. Once the interview round has concluded, 50 applicants who excelled throughout the application process are then chosen and offered an Admission Ambassador position. 

Each year varies with the number of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors chosen for this position, but the dean of admissions tries to diversify the position with students from all grades.

Although recent applications were due on Feb. 1, students interested in this position should consider applying to be an Admission Ambassador in the future.