PC Goes to D.C. for an “Abroad” Experience:Students Work and Study in Nation’s Capital

by The Cowl Editor on February 14, 2019


Capitol Hill is a large tourist attraction in Washington, D.C.

by Matthew Mazzella ’20

News Staff

Looking to study and gain experience in the nation’s capital? Now you can, as Providence College has teamed up with American University to offer students the chance to study in Washington, D.C. for a semester.

The College is looking to give students more opportunities to gain exposure and broaden their horizons. This program gives students a chance to stay on American soil and get work experience through an internship in Washington, while taking classes towards their degree at PC.

Dr. Joseph Cammarano, professor of political science, is the director of the Washington Semester program, and he believes this opportunity is a great chance for students to gain some valuable experience. 

Cammarano said, “The program is designed for students who wish to spend time gaining valuable and practical experience in public affairs, including law, journalism, public health, government, business, economics, and politics.”

He continued, “Once an area is selected, students complete a related internship, seminars in the concentration area, and an optional elective course in any discipline offered at American University.”

One of the biggest myths about this program is that it is only for political science majors. 

Cammarano emphasized that it is open to all majors, stating, “Any major can find an internship experience and seminar that relates to their academic and career interests. In addition to political science, students from economics, business, philosophy, English, history, health policy, psychology, art, and theology have attended the program in recent years.”

When asked about the benefits of the internship experience, Cammarano said “It provides an enormous number of internship opportunities in almost any discipline (for example, a biology major could intern at the National Institute of Health), access to a wide array of free cultural and political venues, and provides a wonderful international experience for students who prefer to remain in the United States but would like a chance to study for a semester elsewhere and broaden their educational experience.”

Matthew Williams ’22 believes this is a great opportunity for PC students and that the program is something he could see himself taking advantage of later in his academic career. 

Williams said, “I never knew about this program. With the study abroad program so popular here, it is easy for this program to fly under the radar. This program sounds very interesting, and is something I will definitely take into consideration.”

With the addition of this program, students no longer need to go overseas to gain a new perspective. Living in another country is not for everyone, which is why this program is so great for Friars looking for a different experience.

Having the opportunity to get an internship not only offers a great experience in your major, but  also allows for great networking opportunities for the future. 

This is a great opportunity for students at the College.  With the professional world getting more competitive, this is a great opportunity for students to get hands-on internship experience as a part of their course of study while studying in Washington. PC students now have the chance to build their résumés in the nation’s capital.