Food for Thought

by The Cowl Editor on March 3, 2019


by Sarah Heavren ’21

Mashed potatoes taste better with some lumps.
Granola tastes better with a few clumps.
French fries taste better when they are crinkled.
Raisins taste better when they are wrinkled.
Potato chips taste better when they have grooves.
Sometimes chunky can taste better than smooth.
Milkshakes taste better when they are quite thick.
S’mores taste better when the marshmallow sticks.
Pizza tastes better when the cheese bubbles.
Most pies taste better when the crust crumbles.
Brownies taste better when they are gooey.
Bread tastes better when it’s warm and chewy.
Ice cream tastes better when it melts and drips.
Cream tastes better when it’s over-whipped.
Overall, the parts of life that are best
Can be imperfect or can make a mess.