by The Cowl Editor on March 21, 2019


by Kiley McMahon ’20

I lure my lonesome body into the bathtub,
Which is prepared with soul sucking creatures.

I dial three magical numbers,
And let the animals take control of my body,
Just as you once did,
While you undoubtedly thought of her.

While they finish the job,
I let the pungent smell of smoke and dirty lingerie,
Linger in my nostrils.

Your limpless body is hopeless.
Your eyes are wide open,
And a knife filled with your remnants,

The three years that we have spent together,
Experiencing the thresholds of life,
And reminiscing on past and future times,
Must come to an end.

You will always love her,
And I will always be devoted to you.

You can watch over her,
And we can be devoted to one another,
As she is on Earth,
And we are not.

A knife with blood on it
Photos courtesy of and and Graphic design by Julia Zygiel’19