Spring Has Sprung: Keep the Campus Green

by The Cowl Editor on March 21, 2019

Editor's Column

As we approach the beginning days of spring, it is common for New Englanders to rush outside and enjoy the 55 degree weather that we consider warm.

However, New Englanders are not the only ones excited about spring. Environmentalists have their special day coming up as well—Earth Day.

Earth Day has become a celebrated event to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and with spring upon us, it is time to start becoming aware of sustainability techniques and things Providence College students can begin to do to preserve our campus.

At PC, clubs like PC Go Green educate the College community on ways the students can participate in making PC more sustainable on campus.

PC Go Green also educates students on better ways to recycle and reduce waste. The clubs at PC that are in support of environmental awareness are eager to encourage and teach students to become more aware of the environment and the sustainability of PC’s campus.

The campus has taken several steps to move in a positive direction within the realms of the environment by incorporating recycling bins, koozies for those Dunkin’ drinks, and metal straws. Now it is the student’s responsibility to further pursue an environmentally friendly approach to making PC’s campus more sustainable.

Remaining environmentally aware is especially important as the weather begins to warm up the cold New England air.

As the PC community has done a considerable job at making our campus eco-friendlier, I challenge PC students to become more aware of what can be done to remain a community that works towards keeping our campus clean of waste in a sustainable way.

Spring is the time for Slavin and Smith lawn hangouts, spike ball and frisbee games, and Board of Programmer’s Clam Jam.

Let us work towards keeping our campus clean in the right way, especially since spring has sprung.