by The Cowl Editor on April 4, 2019


by Dawyn Henriquez ’19

Loneliness covers him
Like the thin layer of dust
That covers all living things in a desert.

His black beard drips the last of his water.
It can be said that sadness
Etches the three creases on his forehead,
But those who would say that would be wrong.

Anyone who knows love can see
That he’s looking for the right constellations
In the bare starless sky.
The fish and bulls
That’ll lead him home
Where his thirst will meet rivers and
His hunger will meet the skin of his beloved.

His haunting grounds are the memories,
Of lips only touching but not kissing,
Of tongues tasting sanctuary, and
Of noses pressed against one another,
The scent of silence so sweet that
Tears are the only appropriate response.

A starry night with constellations of bulls and fish
Photos courtesy of pexels.com