“No More” Moments

by The Cowl Editor on April 11, 2019

Editor's Column

Throughout second semester, the Providence College seniors have been reminded day after day that graduation is quickly approaching. Students in the class of 2019 have been gearing up and preparing for post-graduation life.However, as some of us are learning, in order for post-grad life to happen, we must do this thing called “graduate.”

Graduation is a word that many of us have avoided saying since freshman year as it horrifies many students. Before writing this, I went around and asked members of the senior class why they are so afraid to graduate, and I received responses such as: “I don’t want to go into the real world,” “I don’t have a job,” “I don’t have a place to live,” “I will have to share a room with my 13-year-old sister,” “I will have to make new friends and they have to be as crazy as me,” “I won’t be able to avoid responsibility,” “No more Whiskey Thursdays,” and my personal favorite, “I’m terrible at everything and just want to nap.”

These responses were not shocking, in fact, they are all quite normal. This time of year, everything is beginning to wind down as the semester comes to a close, but for the senior class, once this year concludes there will be several of those “no more” activities.

Throughout the course of this year, I have experienced several small “no more” moments. Once second semester began, I completed my art minor exhibition, my collegiate swim career in February, my student teaching in April, and I will soon hand over this position as Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Cowl to my successor.

There has been an assortment of our own “no more” moments and each are unique to our experience at PC, however, there is another word us seniors need to remember, and it is not graduation. The word I am referring to is commencement, and I guarantee many will look at that word and think graduation or end, but commencement actually means beginning.

The commencement ceremony, which is the last time the class of 2019 will be together, is an opportunity to recognize the beginning of something new we are all about to take on. For some of us, it will be the beginning of a new job or even, for you brave souls out there, attending another school and receiving a masters degree.

Although this is the last editorial I will write for The Cowl, and my days here at PC are numbered, the moments I thought would be “no more” will begin again but this time at a different place, with different people, and as an alumna of PC.