PC Students Scour for Finals Study Spots: The Best Places to Branch Out from the Deep Quiet Zone

by The Cowl Editor on May 2, 2019


The Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies, located in Aquinas Hall is a quiet space for students to study for final exams. Brianna Colletti ’21/The Cowl.


by Emily Ball ’22

Opinion Staff


With finals season approaching quickly, Providence College students are scouring the campus to find their perfect study spot. Even with the smaller campus size, PC has a vast amount of study spaces for students to use.

Although the library seems to be the ideal spot for most students, there are many other spots that offer a more physically-appealing space.

Students, no matter their major, should feel comfortable studying at any academic building or study spot on campus. In fact, as an English major, the new science building is my favorite spot to study. 

Some may argue that there is a level of discomfort for students to study in an academic building if their major does not correspond with the classes in that building; however, everyone is there for the exact same purpose: to study.

“Even though I am a biology major, my favorite spot to study on campus is Ruane because I like to study in a classroom setting,” Maddie Guth ’22 said. “Nobody cares at all if a non-humanities major uses the study spaces in Ruane.”

With a large selection of classrooms, Ruane is the perfect spot for students who enjoy the classroom-like feel. 

For a more modern building and feel, both the Science Complex and the Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies offer new technologies and a more 21st century appearance. 

Although all students are able and welcome to study in these buildings, students with majors that have classes in those specific buildings should study there because it allows them to learn the information in the setting where they take their classes.

“I study in the business school sometimes because I have classes there and it helps to study there for the classes I have,” Kevin Rockwal ’22 said. “It is also a modern environment and you can get a nice, quiet spot upstairs.”

Nevertheless, students whose majors do not apply to these academic buildings enjoy and use them because they offer a unique space that differs from their typical academic settings.

“I am always studying in the science building even as a finance major because I feel most productive when I am there,” Sam Ciaburro ’21 said. “I think that mixing up the setting where I study works well for me. It helps me to study in a space that is different from my typical business classroom.”

Nevertheless, the library is still the ideal study space for some students who are unable to get work done in any other building on campus.

“The library is the only place where I will study because I get my best work done the quickest there,” Aidan Schifano ’22 said. “I find that there are minimal distractions there, especially with the deep quiet zones, which other buildings do not have.”

Because there are plenty of spots on campus to study, students have many options in choosing where to get their work done. Students with any major are able to study at any of the academic buildings, and they should experiment with different study spots across PC’s campus.