Tangents & Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on May 2, 2019


Photo courtesy of Freestockphotos.


Pre-Summer Blues

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, and the weather grows warm and sunny, the pre-summer blues of a college student begin to set it.

By the time each student has finished their finals and the warm weather has finally come to stay, we must pack up, go home, and say goodbye to Providence College.

That considered, the end of the college year frequently induces the antithesis of the energizing effect the start of summer evoked during one’s high school years, as the sorrow of saying goodbye to college friends and roommates and the thought of working 9-5 all summer can be evocative of a pre-summer blues.

Summer really should serve as an opportunity to unwind or pursue something that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time for during the year. Re-organize or redecorate your room, start a book, a new TV series, or a new workout routine.

Pick up an instrument, get involved with some community service, reconnect with your closest high school friends, and perhaps catch up with some other buddies that you perhaps have not connected with since graduation.

Although leaving the liveliness of PC may seem disheartening, it is important to remember summer is a vital time to recharge, refuel, and restart, and enjoy hobbies, company, and weather that might not have been possible during the school year.

—Alyssa Cohen ’21


Get to Know Someone by Their Stickers

The best way to judge a person is not by looking at their clothes or hairstyle, asking them their major, or looking at their Instagram bios. Those only reach the material aspects of life or personality.

Rather, take a peek at their laptop stickers the next time they whip out their computers in class or at the library; they are the quickest and easiest way to spot a person’s interests and passions in a second.

Do they have an image of Prison Mike? Chat them up about The Office. Donkey or an Elephant? Boom, you know which politics to discuss―or avoid. Boston, New York City, or any other cities or states? Their hometown or favorite vacation spot.

With just a small image or text, so much information can be gleaned from a laptop; favorite television shows or sports teams, quotes, hobbies, or passions, whether or not they care about aesthetic. The insight is endless.

When looking for conversation starters, commenting on a sticker is a surefire method of initiating an organic discussion.

—Elizabeth McGinn ’21


Give the Empanada Truck a Try

As the academic year winds down and most students try to come to terms with the prospect of leaving campus for the summer, or for seniors coming to terms with graduating, students may find themselves realizing that they have not done everything on their school year bucket lists.

One place that students should definitely aim to go before going home after finals is the empanada truck that can be found next to Sam’s Food Store just off campus.

It is slightly tucked away and may not be noticeable upon first glance, however, that is part of its charm. It is easy enough to drive or walk past food trucks but this is definitely one students should venture to before leaving for the summer.

At just $1 for one empanada, it is a deal that cannot be beat and one that is also pretty hard to come by. And the best part is that the empanadas are really good, even if the incredibly affordable pricing may be a bit off-putting at first glance. Once you taste that first empanada, you will never look back.

It does not get any better for a college student than to have cheap, good food in an incredibly convenient location.

So before you write off the empanada truck, give it a try the next time you go past it. Finding a great new food place before leaving after finals will make you that much more excited to return to campus.                       

—Bridget Blain ’19