The Typical Town

by The Cowl Editor on May 2, 2019


by Sarah Kirchner ’21

The night sky looked typical tonight,
With those stars that appear to always be falling down.
The stars that represented the thousands of lights in a town,
The town that I constantly tried to ignore.

They say that this is normal
And that “normal” was the life I was meant to live.
So I wait, and live, until somebody notices me.
Those lights may be bright, but they don’t shine for me.

The typical lights were not so typical to me.
The lights drown me out, and none of the people even see.
Those people whisper comments that don’t make sense,
So, I just sit, in the way back, and watch
The town with too many people, waste their time on too many things.

A starry night with a well lit skyline
Photos courtesy of and graphic design by Julia Zygiel ’21