(Anna) Wintour is Coming: Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Cold

by The Cowl Editor on September 26, 2019

Editor's Column

by Katherine Torok ’20

Associate Editor-in-Chief

When I was younger, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I immediately said, “fashion designer.” Flash-forward a couple years and my go-to answer became, “Anna Wintour, but nicer.”

However, a few weeks ago when I was in my History of Fashion and Costuming class, Professor David Cabral dismissed my answer. He explained how Wintour—the current Editor-in-Chief of Vogue—needs to put up an icy and cutthroat persona in order to maintain her status as one of the most important figures in fashion.

I politely agreed and thought nothing more of it.

But after watching The September Issue for that very class, my answer has changed once again: now, it’s just “Anna Wintour.”

In short, The September Issue is a documentary that follows the creation of the September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine—the most important copy of the year. In it, Wintour’s stubbornness is on full display; she constantly rejects proposals, cuts content without other editors’ approval, and parades around in her iconic sunglasses. You can sense her coldness through your screen.

Yet, the film cut to scenes where Wintour is seen with her family; she’s full of warmth and life. She knows how and when to switch from being a demanding editor to a loving woman, proving you can be both.

Many people only see one side of Wintour—the side that has to run one of the most powerful fashion magazines in the world. With such a coveted position, she needs to act a certain way to ensure everything is done the way she envisions it. 

If that means being a little demanding, so be it.

Wintour proves to young girls that you cannot always please everyone. If you have a job to do, get it done, even if that means putting your foot down in the process.