As the Darkness Poured Over

by The Cowl Editor on September 26, 2019


by Grace O’Connor ’22

We sped down the never ending road
I could see the worried look on his face
As his grip tightened on the steering wheel
The trees outside the window blended together
As they erased into the distance

Car speeding down a windy narrow hill
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The silence in the air felt heavy and ominous
I put my hand on my stomach which felt bottomless
The sound of my heart pounding was the only vibration I felt
As the sweat on my hands slowly started to melt

His eyes were emotionless
As he turned around the bend
The headlights glared in our eyes
The sudden rush of darkness poured over

My eyes opened slowly
I felt numb and confused
The red and white lights were blurry
As the voices whirled through the air

I looked down at the scar, remembering this day
The narrow road I had always driven up and down
The predictability of getting to my destination
I cannot tell you that exact bend of the road to this day
Where everything went to dismay
I took an eraser and erased it all away