Coming Together To Celebrate Heritage: Rep Your Flag

by The Cowl Editor on September 26, 2019


Students celebrate their Hispanic heritage.

by Sienna Strickland ’22

News Staff

On Saturday, September 22 at approximately 10 p.m., dozens of students of all different backgrounds began walking toward the Center at Moore Hall, forming a line that reached the Raymond Dining Hall stairs. They were gathered to celebrate something very close to all of them—their identity.

“Rep Your Flag is all about celebrating who you are,” says Ekua Boakye-mensah ’22. “And getting to do that here, with your classmates is so cool.”

Inside Moore, there were also several guest DJ’s manning the booth, performing with flashing lights in front of a spacious dance floor.

Reyna DeLaCruz ’22, another student in attendance, shared more about the annual event. “In my opinion, this is one of the best events BMSA plans throughout the year. It is super hyped up, and everyone gets so excited for it.”

Dancing was a main feature of the event. The music selection throughout the night was diverse

and surprising, encouraging the crowd to dance along. It aligned well with the spirit of the event.

“Afro-beat is my favorite genre, commented Boakye-mensah on the music selection. “I come from a traditional Ghanaian household, so it was something I grew up with and something I love dancing to.” 

Afro-beat, Hispanic, Trap, Hip Hop, and R&B were amongst some of the genres played; there was something for everyone. “My best friend from home came,” continued Boakye-mensah. “He really loves R&B, so we both had something to get down to.”

Across the dance floor, amongst the dancing bodies, was a vast sea of flags, representing the heritages of the students. The flags worn by the attendees were the central theme of the night. Some guests were creative, instead opting to rock their flag’s colors in the form of clothes, accessories, or makeup.  

However one chose to rep their flag, Saturday’s event was truly a unified celebration among the PC community, and gave everyone the chance to have a fun time doing it with their own creative flair.