PC Looks Ahead to First Homecoming Weekend: A Bittersweet Reminder that PC Will Always be Home

by The Cowl Editor on October 3, 2019

Editor's Column

by Kerry Torpey ’20


This weekend, Providence College will be filled with hundreds of families, friends, fans, and alumni as we gather together to celebrate Homecoming Weekend. Advertised as being for “the entire Friar Family,” the weekend is packed. Whether it be running in the Friar 5K or enjoying Late Night Madness, which for the first time ever will be at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Homecoming Weekend will surely be a one of hustle, bustle, and, most importantly, fun.

When thinking about the weekend ahead, however, what stands out most to me is the idea of coming back to PC as returning home. Even though the campus has gone through many changes, alumni especially will remember the feeling of walking down our brick paths or into Phillips Memorial Library, where they once spent hours studying and writing Civ papers. To have the chance to step into a classroom or interact with current students, whose shoes they used to be in, must resonate as both familiar and surreal.

I think the number of alumni who are returning to administrate activities or presentations is a huge testament to just how much PC continues to mean to people, even when their time here has come to an end. From guest lectures to comedy shows, PC alums will play a key role in participating in the weekend’s events.

Even though we have the school year ahead of us, as a senior, I remind myself every day that my time at PC is coming to an end. And next year, and many more to come, I will be one of many alumni reminiscing about hanging out on Slavin Lawn with my friends or living in McVinney my freshman year. Although it is a bittersweet thought, to know that I will always have PC as a place that I can call “home” is incredibly special and comforting.