What Could Have Been

by The Cowl Editor on October 3, 2019


by Sarah Kirchner ’21

Looking at the stars, we thought to ourselves:
The two of us could have lived different lives
If only we had told each other the truth
But, we were scared and we were liars.

Man and woman looking at the setting sun longly
Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

The two of us could have lived different lives
together. But we played those childish games
and kept being scared and lying kids.
Being something more seemed crazy then.

Together we played those childish lying games
and laughed at that old movie we watched
because being something more seemed crazy,
but truly they made sense as a couple.

We laughed at that old movie
especially when they kissed,
but they truly were meant to be a couple.
I saw that they were made for each other.

When we kissed,
the movie came back to me in flashes.
We weren’t made for each other like they were
and you weren’t my prince like he was.

Flashes of the movie came to me.
If I only told you the truth
you could have been my prince like him.
But now I look at the stars, and think to myself.