What ‘s Up with Everyone Today?

by The Cowl Editor on November 1, 2019


by Daniel Carrero ’23

Ike was upset nobody shoveled the snow from the driveway. He had to park on the street. Walking inside the house he could hear Wonder barking from the backyard. He dropped his suitcase at the door, “Dad’s home!” No response. Ike thought the house was unusually silent this evening. Typically after a long trip he’s greeted at the door.

He walked into his bedroom and Tina, his wife, sat in front of the TV watching The Office, with a plate of burnt steak in her lap. Her brown hair looked like it was dipped in frying oil, and the bags under her eyes were purple potato skins.

Last time she looked like this was after Izzy was born, Ike thought. “Hey, babe. Um, you ok?”

Through a mouthful of food, she replied, “I’m doing great sweetie! I jus-just  was feeling really sick the last few days is all.”

“Oh ok, well you’ll feel better soon,” he said, putting his arm around her. “That smells good, honey, what kinda steak is that?

“Mmm, new recipe I came up with,” she said, offering him a piece.

“Oh wow, that is good,” he said chewing. “Where are Izzy and Toni at?”

“The kids! Oh, they’re probably raiding the fridge or out in the backyard.”

“That’s weird, I didn’t hear them when I walked in.”

Tina giggled, “Maybe they’re hiding”

In the backyard, Ike watched Wonder in the snow, at the far end of the yard chewing a thick bone. Ike called Wonder over, but Wonder ignored him. He’s usually more excited to see me, Ike thought. Everyone’s usually excited to see me, what’s up with everyone today?

In the kitchen with Tina, Ike asked, “You know when the kids are coming home?

Preparing some vegetables, she said, “I’m making spaghetti tonight”

Ike narrowed his eyes at Tina, “Ok, but what about the kids?

“I’m sure they’re already here, babe, don’t worry.”

“Do you not know where they are?”

Tina barked, “Of course I do! I told you where they are! Will you stop pressing me? I’m cooking. Shut up and grab a beer or something. Leave me alone.”

Ike flinched, surprised at Tina’s outburst. Ike decided Tina must be going through her woman time—men, right, always assuming.

Opening the fridge for a beer, his stomach churned. He stood frozen, horrified by the two pale, mutilated faces staring back at him next to pools of blood

“Oh babe! While you’re in the fridge, pass me Izzy and Toni’s heads. I was defrosting them so we could have spaghetti and eyeballs tonight.”

Eyeballs and spaghetti in a bowl
Photos courtesy of pexels.com and graphic design by Connor Zimmerman ’20