BOP Hosts Trip to Cycle Bar

by The Cowl Editor on November 14, 2019


by Eileen Cooney ’23

News Staff

Because the month of October was Mental Health Awareness Month here at Providence College, PC’s Board of Programmers (BOP) organized many fun activities promoting self-care and wellness. Though the month of October has ended and November is now upon us, BOP’s message to students about the importance of taking care of themselves has not stopped. That is why on Wednesday, November 6 the club put on an event in conjunction with CycleBar in Providence.

In the past couple years, spin studios such as SoulCycle, CycleBar, Equinox, and many others have taken the fitness world by storm. Spin classes and studios are popular amongst the public because they offer an upbeat, positive environment for people to get a good workout and also feel a sense of community with others while doing so. 

CycleBar in particular boasts that its wide array of different spin classes will “calm your mind, elevate your mood, and revive your senses.” Thus, the franchise promotes fitness as well as self-care and mental health.

This event was very well attended and very well-received by participants. Although at times travel events can be difficult to plan because people have to buy tickets in advance, the school usually provides transportation. This event “was definitely a hit and people seemed to really enjoy it,” says Wini Kennedy ‘20. Students loved the upbeat, accepting environment, and first-time spinners had a blast. It is something that Kennedy says BOP will definitely be doing again in the future. 

 In addition to the trip to CycleBar, BOP has also organized many other fitness events this year. Back in September there was an event called “HIIT and Flow” that invited Crossfit Providence and Barre and Soul Yoga to teach a fitness class on Lennon Field. Additionally, last semester BOP also planned a “Silent Spin Event.” 

Yoga, cycling, and other fitness classes are great ways for students to take care of themselves and have fun with friends while doing so. All of the fabulous fitness events that BOP organizes on campus, offer students a fun way to make sure that they are continually taking care of themselves and prioritizing their health and wellness. The trip to CycleBar was another great reminder of this. 

PC offers several cycling classes throughout the week.