Kaleidoscope Vision

by The Cowl Editor on November 15, 2019


by Sam Ward ’21

How do we propel ourselves into the unknown?

Without fear.
Without doubt.

How, without shaking in our skin at the thought of what could go wrong,
or plucking heartstrings to play hopeful songs?
How do we plunge into strange waters,
when the thoughts are white noise?
How do we pursue ambition’s depths,
when muddled minds teeter like defective toys?

Clear vision deters focus
like we need sunshine clarity
to obtain knowledge complexities: it’s
not true.

We both know that.

Empty screens collect lines racing faster than the click of a pen,
or the tap tap tap of the keyboard
and just like that:

Fear is famished.
Doubt exonerated.

Strike all the right notes and we’ll dive right in

Without fear.
Without doubt.

If we wrote to please a bunch of poets,
we’d pause the present and paint a prettier picture like,
picture this:
someday we’ll be off for no other than reason
and we’ll prove the producing purpose,

But introspection is influenced in the eye of the beholder so we behold the truth
while alpha waves synchronize kaleidoscope focus,

Without fear,
Without doubt…

Person typing on his laptop
Photo courtesy of unsplash.com